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Retirement Planning

Retirement Planning

Retirement Savings Plan Information Session

Facilitators: Megan Boucher and Holly Zanes
Target Audience: Benefits-eligible faculty and staff who are not yet participating in a UVM Retirement Savings Plan.
Time Allotted: 2 hours
PeopleSoft Course Number: BEN016

Overall Objectives: Attendees will learn about the UVM Retirement plan and its design as well as general concepts about investment options associated with the plan. Participants will be better prepared to make informed investment choices with one or more of our retirement vendors.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Define the retirement benefit and identify the plans available
  • List three reasons opening a retirement account could be beneficial
  • Analyze the available retirement plans and choose the one that is right for you
  • Complete the required paperwork to enroll in a plan (optional)

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Woman to Woman: Postcards from the Future

Facilitators: This workshop is a collaboration between Human Resource Services and TIAA-CREF
Target Audience: Benefits-eligible faculty and staff nearing retirement.
Time Allotted: 2.5 hours
PeopleSoft Course Number: BEN026

Overall Objectives: The Woman to Woman Postcards from the Future workshop is an interactive, engaging financial workshop that will focus on empowerment and action to address financial and retirement planning gaps.  This workshop will be facilitated by a specially trained female financial consultant who is very knowledgeable about women-specific issues and will provide financial educational material that covers topics relevant to women nearing retirement.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Identify your “retirement vision” – develop a strategy on how much you’ll need and when
  • Define the steps to getting your finances on track to help reach your ideal retirement in 10 to 15 years
  • Learn the unique characteristics of retirement plans from 403(b) to IRAs to annuities to help you determine which work best for you

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Understanding Your Post-Retirement Medical Benefit

Facilitators: Greg Brown, Holly Zanes and Megan Boucher
Target Audience: Staff and faculty nearing retirement age
Time Allotted: 1 hour
PeopleSoft Course Number: BEN025

Overall Objectives: Join the UVM retirement planning staff for this session and walk away with a clear understanding of the post-retirement medical benefits plan changes that take effect on July 1, 2014. This workshop, designed for those nearing retirement, will help longer-service employees better understand the PRMB cost-share considerations that will help them plan ahead for retirement.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Describe what to expect when meeting with an employee advisor
  • Explain the differences in retiring before or after June 30, 2014
  • Discuss the importance of having a personal budget
  • Predict your expenses during retirement
  • Explain the tax implications of retirement income
  • Distinguish between PRMB benefits and Medicare
  • List 3 reasons to maintain a relationship with retirement vendors

Register for this class through the Request Training Enrollment link in PeopleSoft HR Self Service.

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