The administration and the Faculty Senate of the University of Vermont share responsibility for the effective management of the academic affairs of the University.  

Authority in matters related to the academic mission of the University is vested in the faculty by the Board of Trustees.  This authority is exercised in the Faculty Senate by elected senators with voting privileges and by committees authorized to act on their behalf.  Meetings of the Faculty Senate are presided over by a Senate President and Vice-President and follow a town-meeting format at which all University faculty members have a voice. 

Elected Senators

Memorial Lounge

Senators are the elected representatives of their academic units to the Faculty Senate.  Senators are responsible for communicating with the faculty in their units about all Faculty Senate actions, as well as bringing information from their academic units to the attention of the Senate and Senate Committees.  Elected Senators for 2023-2024

Faculty Senate Constitution & Bylaws

The UVM Faculty Senate meetings are open to the public.

The next Faculty Senate meeting is Monday, April 29, 2024, 4:00-5:30 PM, on Teams

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The April 29, 2024 Faculty Senate meeting Agenda and Materials will be posted on April 22nd