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Programs for groups of five or more participants are offered by our staff and/or one of the UVM Mindfulness student facilitators. We accept requests submitted by UVM students, staff, and faculty.

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Workshop Options

Introduction to Mindfulness at UVM (45 minutes)
This presentation is a brief introduction to all things mindfulness and meditation at UVM. We cover what mindfulness is, types of mindfulness practices, and what mindfulness can do for you. During the presentation, there are also a few opportunities to try some guided meditations and community building activities. Participants will also learn ways they can get involved with UVM Mindfulness. “Introduction to Mindfulness at UVM” can be adjusted for a class, faculty meetings, and other small or large groups.

Radical Self-care (90 minutes)
This workshop challenges the notion of a one-size fits all version of self-care and uplifts the importance of community/collective-care. Through discussion, reflective writing and embodied practices we will explore what radical self-care is for you and what supports a thriving community for all.

Looking for something different? Let us know what you need. We can offer panel discussions, in-person guided meditations, a series of workshops, and much more!

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Programs are available for groups of five or more participants.
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