You can get your ongoing allergy shots at UVM Student Health Services. We do not offer allergy tests or prescribe allergy shots in the clinic.

How to Get Started

1. Have your home allergist complete this checklist (PDF) and fax it to the UVM Student Health Services Allergy Clinic at: 802-656-8178

2. Send your serum to Student Health

  • Either bring the serum to the clinic yourself. Make sure you store the serum according to your manufacturer’s and allergist’s recommendations.
  • Have your allergist mail them to Student Health:

UVM Student Health Services Allergy Clinic
425 Pearl St.
Burlington, VT 05401

3. Once the Allergy Clinic receives all of your information schedule your appointment online at

Please note: it takes one business day to review information. Shots are not available on Move-In Day.

What to Expect During Visits

  • Plan on spending at least 50 minutes at Student Health during your visits. Generally, these will be 20-minute appointments with a 30-minute wait time after getting your shots, but it may take a bit longer at your first visit.
  • Student Health will review your health status, appointment pre-medication and orders with you. You will get your shots if everything is appropriate.
  • You must wait in Student Health for 30 minutes after getting your shot. Trained clinical staff are always on site to manage any emergency reaction to your allergy shot.