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Aboveground and coarse roots carbon storage for forests in northeastern New York State and northwestern Vermont. Six models based on forest cover of varying specificity; Smith et al. (2006) carbon storage tables (Models A, B, C) or IPCC (2006) carbon storage tables (Models D-high, -mid, and -low); and stand age (Pan et al. 2012). Pixel size is 30m. Forest cover data from 2014. See the following publication for further information regarding methods, significance, etc: Adams, A. B., Pontius, J., Galford, G. L., Merrill, S. C., & Gudex-Cross, D. (2018). Modeling carbon storage across a heterogeneous mixed temperate forest: the influence of forest type specificity on regional-scale carbon storage estimates. Landscape Ecology, 33(4), 641-658

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Comparing the effects of forest type specificity on regional-scale carbon storage estimates in heterogeneous forests like those found in the northeastern U.S.

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Adams, A., Pontius, J., Galford, G., Merrill, S., & Gudex-Cross, D. (2018) Northwestern VT carbon storage estimates. FEMC. Available online at:

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