CMB students are encouraged to apply for external funding opportunities to support their research training and career development. The process of applying for an external award will help improve your ability to communicate your research and can expose you to valuable feedback. Receiving a competitive award is a valuable distinction that can make you a more attractive candidate for future funding and professional opportunities.


The University of Vermont subscribes to Pivot, a web-based funding and collaboration tool. Students are encouraged to sign up for a Pivot user account to track, save and share funding opportunities. Access the instructions to sign up or start running your own searches.

The program has collaborated with SPA (Sponsored Project Administration) to create a customized CMB relevant pivot search to assist students in finding potential funding opportunities.

CMB Graduate Student Funding Opportunities

The results of this search default to the entire list of hits based on key Cellular, Molecular and Biomedical Science terms.

  • To see what is new for the current week, change the radio button at the top of the list to “Results” for whatever the current week is.
  • The results can be further refined by either of two ways:
    • At the search results screen, use the left-handed side filters (funding types, sponsor types, requirements and keywords) to narrow the results by clicking on the hyperlinked criterion.
    • You may also click at the top on “Refine Search” which will bring you to the main search page where you can change criteria and return the search.

Additional resources for writing fellowship and grant applications are available on the SPA website.