The CMB Program holds a weekly seminar for students to present their current dissertation research to the UVM community. All students are expected to attend and participate in seminars while in the CMB Program. Second year students and beyond will present an annual formal seminar that describes their research, including background, methods, results, and discussion. CMB faculty and students will submit seminar evaluations virtually through Google Forms.

These evaluations will be shared with each student speaker in an effort to improve their presentation skills.

Our seminars are open to all in the University community. If you would like to be included on our weekly seminar announcement email distribution list, please email us.

2022-2023 Seminar Schedule

Tuesdays, 11:30am - 12:30pm, Zoom

September 13Bay Vagher"Secondary Metabolites as Signaling Molecules in Dendritic Cells: An Aid or Hindrance to the Immune Response?"
September 20Jayita Barua"Effects of lung microenvironment on efficacy of MSC-based treatment in ARDS: cellular and molecular mechanisms”"
September 27Jubilee Ajiboye
Soyeon Gullickson

"Target-based drug discovery for anticryptosporidials"
"Divergent Genetic Regulation of Nitric Oxide Production alters the Mitochondrial Metabolism, Cell survival, and Bacterial replication control in Dendritic Cells"

October 4Kanayo Ikeh"Unraveling the Functional Dynamics of REV1 during cancer cells’ response to therapy"
October 11Paola Pena
Jacob Mackinder
“Elucidating the Effects of Obesity on Airway Epithelium in the Context of Allergic and Non-Allergic Obese Asthma”
“Investigating mechanisms of antimicrobial detection and protection by Pseudomonas aeruginosa”
October 18

Shannon Prior
Josh Victor

"Metabolic rewiring and metastatic potential in STK11-null lung adenocarcinoma”
October 25Anne Snyder"The potential of Toxoplasma gondii myosin A as a drug target"
November 1NO SEMINAR 
November 8Mingu KangTalin is a novel focal adhesion A-kinase anchoring protein (AKAP) and PKA substrate
November 15Emory Stassen PachtDistribution of 5-hmC in cattle and sheep brain tissues associated with temperament and age
November 22Annalis Norman WhitakerAn agnostic interrogation of the early plasmablast repertoire from COVID-19 patients reveals broadly neutralizing SARS-CoV-2 antibodies
November 29Jonathon FerrellApplying a Multidisciplinary Approach in Developing a General Coarse Grain Force Field and Biomolecule Volume Integrator
December 6Frances MalePerforation of the host cell membrane during invasion by Toxoplasma gondii
December 13Trevor WolfTranscription Factor Recruitment of Polycomb Repressive Complex in Autism Spectrum Disorder
December 20Somen MistriThe role of SLAM-SAP signaling in the development of innate-like γδ T cells
December 27Holiday Break 
January 3Holiday Break 
January 10Andrea FooteCharacterization of the Genomic DNA Targets of Purine-Rich Element Binding Proteins A and B in Human Breast Cancer Cells: Novel Insights into the Biological Functions of PURA and PURB
January 17NO SEMINAR 
January 24Lucy GreethamLoss of Snord116 protects cardiomyocyte function during ischemia
January 31NO SEMINAR 
February 7Bethany Mihavics 
February 14Cong Gao 
February 21Ethan Mattice 
February 28Sean Lenahan 
March 7Lea Drogalis 
March 14Marcus Weinman 
March 21Regina Visconti 
March 28Bay Vagher 
April 4Jayita Barua 
April 11Hannah Despres 
April 18Pauline DiGianivittorio 
April 25Sebastian Duno Miranda 
May 2Amanda Fastiggi 
May 9Randi Gravelle 
May 16Emily Holt 
May 23Kiera Malone 
May 30Emily Joyce 
June 6Gopika Nandagopal 
June 13Kate Quinn 
June 20Alyssa Richman 
June 27Nate Shannon 
July 4Holiday Break 
July 11Camilla Strother 
July 18CMB Meeting 
July 25

Jubilee Ajiboiye
Soyeon Gullickson

August 1Kanayo Ikeh
Jacob Mackinder
August 8Paola Pena
Shannon Prior
August 15Josh Victor
Jake Dearborn
August 29Will Dowell
Alicia Finney
September 5Erin Gaston
Victoria Gibson
September 2Amber Goerner
Bri Hilton
September 19Katherine Horrigan
Alyssa Hurley
September 26Sylvester Languon
Zach Miller
October 3Allison Morrissey
Maurice Newton
October 10Sarah-Catherine Paschall
Mona Ruban

October 17
October 24  
October 31