The CMB Program holds a weekly seminar for students to present their current dissertation research to the UVM community. All students are expected to attend and participate in seminars while in the CMB Program. Second year students and beyond will present an annual formal seminar that describes their research, including background, methods, results, and discussion. CMB faculty and students will submit seminar evaluations virtually through Google Forms.

These evaluations will be shared with each student speaker in an effort to improve their presentation skills.

Our seminars are open to all in the University community. If you would like to be included on our weekly seminar announcement email distribution list, please email us.

2023-2024 Seminar Schedule

Tuesdays, 11:30am - 12:30pm, Zoom

July 4Holiday Break 
July 11Gopika NandagopalFunctional Characterization of STK11 Variants and Exploring the Kinase Independent Functions of the C-terminal domain
July 18No CMB Seminar 
July 25

Soyeon Gullickson

Arginine Metabolism in Dendritic &Immune Functions
August 1Kanayo IkehUnraveling the Functional Dynamics of REV1 during cancer cells’ response to therapy
August 8Paola Pena
Shannon Prior

Bariatric Surgery Decreases the Capacity of Plasma from Obese Asthmatic Subjects to Augment Epithelial Cell Pro-Inflammatory Cytokine Production
Metabolic Rewiring Promotes Metastatic Potenial in STK11-null KRA S-driven non small Cell Lung Adenocarcinoma

August 15Josh Victor
Jake Dearborn
The Role of Genomic Instability Pathways in SARS-CoV-2 Pathogenicity
Refining Resolution: Enhancing Single-Cell Transcriptomics through Selective RNA Capture
August 29Will Dowell
Jacob Mackinder
Implications of Ketone Bodies and Bronchial Smooth Muscle in Asthma and the Great Beyond
Sphingosine induction of Pseudomonas aeruginosa hemolytic phospholipase C, PlcH
September 5Erin Gaston
Victoria Gibson
Investigating TMEM16f’s Role In Sepsis Induce Endotheliopathy
Biomarkers of Response and Sensitivity to PRX3 Inhibitors in Mesothelioma
September 12Amber Goerner
Brianna Hilton
Investigating host factors involved in chronic Toxoplasma gondii infection
The Role of SLAM/SAP signaling in thymic gd T cell development
September 19Sylvester Languon
Zach Miller
Probing the Microenvironment of Coronavirus Double-Membrane Vesicles (DMVs)
Elucidating Factors that Regulate Antibody Secretion Following B cell Differentiation
September 26Katherine HorriganInvestigation of  T cell regulation and function in a novel inducible model of lung adenocarcinoma
October 3Emily JoyceCell-free analysis of DUOX1 NADPH oxidase function and its inhibition by thiol-reactive electrophiles
October 10Sarah-Catherine PaschallInvestigating Mechanisms for Spatial and Temporal Control of Kinesin Motors

October 17
Allison Morrissey
Mona Ruban
Endoplasmic Reticulum moves by hitchhiking on Golgi-derived vesicles
Elucidating PERK Mediated Cytokine Release and ISR Crosstalk During Influenza Infection
October 24Cameron Cordero
Vanessa Lopez
Unraveling the Pathways of 8-oxodG Mutagenesis and Repair Mechanisms
Mechanism of TOP1-dependent mutations in human cancer
October 31Anne SynderPowering the Parasite: Connecting Toxoplasma gondii myosin A motor function to parasite biology
November 7Jubilee AjiboyeTarget-based drug discovery for anticryptosporidials
November 14Frances MaleRhoptry-associated perforation of the host cell plasma membrane during Toxoplasma gondii invasion
November 21No CMB Seminar 
November 28No CMB Seminar 
December 5Ethan MatticeGeneration of drug resistant Cryptosporidium parvum as a means of identifying the molecular target of MMV665917
December 12Cong Gao 
December 19Maurice Newton 
January 9Bethany Mihavics 
January 16Marcus Weinman 
January 23Lea Drogalis 
January 30Regina Visconti 
February 5Hannah Despres 
February 13Pauline DiGianivittorio 
February 20Randi Gravelle 
February 27Sebastian Duno Miranda 
March 5Kate Quinn 
March 12Emily Holt 
March 19Kiera Malone 
March 26Amanda Fastiggi 
April 2Gopika Nandagopal 
April 9Nate Shannon 
April 16Alyssa Richman 
April 23Soyeon Gullickson 
April 30Jacob Mackinder 
May 7Shannon Prior 
May 14Paola Pena 
May 21Kanayo Ikeh 
May 28Josh Victor 
June 4Jake Dearborn & Juliana Dau 
June 11Erin Gaston & Anna Belognia 
June 18Will Dowell & Tyler Kirch 
June 25Amber Goerner & James Lignos 
July 2Vctoria Gibson & Israel Odekunle 
July 9Brianna Hilton & Justin Paluba 
July 16Sylvester Languon & Anyssa Phaneuf 
July 23Katherine Horrigan & Allison Recala 
July 30Alyssa Hurley & Jason Rengo 
August 6Zach Miller & Alexis Roberson 
August 13Allison Morrissey & Amelia Semic 
August 20Maurice Newton & Margaret Trout 
August 27Sarah-Catherine Paschall & Courtney Waytashek 
September 3Mona Ruban & Shae Weingart 
September 10Joe Walzer 
September 17Jayita Barua 
September 24  
October 1  
October 8  
October 15  
October 22  
October 29