The CMB Program holds a weekly seminar for students to present their current dissertation research to the UVM community. All students are expected to attend and participate in seminars while in the CMB Program. Second year students and beyond will present an annual formal seminar that describes their research, including background, methods, results, and discussion. CMB faculty and students will submit Seminar Evaluations to the CMB Program Administrative Office after each presentation.

These evaluations will be shared with each student speaker in an effort to improve their presentation skills.

Our seminars are open to all in the University community. If you would like to be included on our weekly seminar announcement email distribution list, please email us.

2018-2019 Seminar Schedule

All CMB seminars are held at 11:30 am on Tuesdays in the Davis Auditorium.

Date Presenter Title
September 11 Abbas Raza "Genetic analysis of Bphse and Shs, novel loci controlling histamine hypersensitivity in mice"
September 18 Blas Guigni "Electrical stimulation prevents chemotherapy-induced atrophy in cultured muscle cells"
September 25 Diana Gerrard "Defining Super Enhancer regions in Pancreatic Ductal Adenocarcinoma"
October 2 Chris Dustin “DUOX1-dependent IL-33 signaling and type 2 responses involve redox regulation of Src Kinase”
October 9 Mike Secinaro - Defense “The contribution of metabolism to the regulation of caspase activity and cell death in T lymphocytes”
October 16 Vicki DeVault - Defense “Regulation of Natural Killer T Cell Subset Development and Function by Slam Family Receptors”
October 23 Wyatt Chia "Protein S-glutathionylation/glutaredoxin-1 axis in the regulation of allergic airways remodeling and epithelial cell plasticity"
October 30 Eric Bolf "Thyroid Hormone Receptor Signaling in Breast and Thyroid Cancers"
November 6 Alvee Hasan "Targeting Cryptosporidium sexual differentiation for novel drugs and tools"
November 13 No Seminar  
November 20 Thanksgiving Break  
November 27 Huy Tu “Human antibody response to primary Zika infection targets type-specific quaternary structure epitopes”
December 4 Brittany Carroll “NTHL1: A glycosylase that moves”
December 11 Lauren Hinkel “Response to and utilization of mucin by the opportunistic pathogen Stenotrophomonas maltophilia
December 18 Nick Chamberlain “Lung epithelial PDIA3 plays a critical role in influenza infection”
December 25 Winter Break  
January 1 Winter Break  
January 8 Leslie Sepaniac  
January 15 Dominique Lessard  
January 22 Evan Elko  
January 29 Sierra Bruno  
February 5 Inessa Manuelyan  
February 12 Michael Mariani  
February 19 Princess Rodriguez  
February 26 JJ Bivona  
March 5 Town Meeting Day  
March 12 Spring Break  
March 19 Somen Mistri  
March 26 Alex Thompson  
April 2 Andrea Foote  
April 9 Annalis Norman  
April 16 Noelle Gillis  
April 23 Kathryn Svec  
April 30 Jamie Deutsch  
May 7 Scott Vanson  
May 14 Emily Whitaker  
May 21 Phill Munson - Defense  
May 28 Rachel Stadler  
June 4 Alisa Cario  
June 11 Chistropher Nissly  
June 18 Mingu Kang  
June 25 Emily Stassen  
July 2 Theresa Montgomery
Jonathon Ferrell
July 9 Lucy Greetham
Trevor Wolf
July 16 Cole Davidson
Frances Male
July 23 Bristy Sabikunnahar
Julia Snyder