CMB Events
CMB students and faculty at the 2016 retreat at the Grand Isle Lake House.

Because of our interdisciplinary nature, our CMB students have access to many events, from departmental to college-wide and programmatic.

Programmatic Events:

CMB Seminar

The CMB seminar series is a weekly forum for students to present their research-in-progress. Seminars run from September through June and are held at 11:30 am on Tuesdays in the Davis Auditorium. All students attend all and participate in seminars throughout their time in the CMB program, and faculty are encouraged to actively participate. Second year students and above present an annual formal seminar that describes their research, including Background, Methods, Results, and Discussion. CMB faculty and students submit evaluations of the student speaker after each presentation to help students improve their presentation skills.

Annual CMB Retreat

The CMB Program also sponsors a one-day retreat for all students and faculty usually in August.  The Retreat takes place at the Grand Isle Lake House, about 40 minutes north of Burlington on one of the islands of Lake Champlain.  The Lake House is an old Victorian style guest house situated on a strikingly beautiful location overlooking Lake Champlain to the south, with the Green Mountains to the west and the Adirondack Mountains of New York State to the east.  This location was chosen intentionally to get everyone off campus for the day and free them from other obligations.  It is a popular venue for exchanging ideas and simply socializing. The Retreat provides an opportunity for everyone to learn more about the research going on in the CMB community by listening to invited keynote speaker, selected UVM speakers and joining in the group discussions.

Career Mobility Builder

The CMB Career Mobility Builder series is a biweekly forum for students to engage with invited speakers to learn and explore different career opportunities after graduating with their doctoral degree. The forum is intended to run throughout the year, and is scheduled for the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays at 12:00 pm. Speakers are invited from industry, government, or nonprofit organizations to discuss their workplace experiences and share their personal stories of how they landed their current position with a doctoral degree in biology/biomedical science. As the format is interactive, students are highly encouraged to attend the forum and actively participate in the discussion.

Career Mobility Builder Schedule:

Date, Location, Time Speaker Title
March 8
HSRF 300, 12:00pm
Rajiv Jumani “Job Search Strategies: A Personal Experience”
March 28
HSRF 400, 12:00pm
Delphine Quinet, PhD TBA
April 11
HSRF 400, 12:00pm
Spencer L. Fenn, PhD
Assistant Director
Center for Biomedical Career Development (cBCD)
Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences
University of Massachusetts Medical School
April 25
HSRF 300, 12:00pm
Group Discussion Evaluation and Planning
May 9
HSRF 200, 12:00pm
Dave McMillan, PhD, FDA TBA
May 23
HSRF 300, 12:00pm
Joe Clayton, PhD
Principal Scientist
Bio-Tek, Inc
May 30
HSRF 300, 12:00pm
Karen Spach, PhD
Senior Medical Writer
Envision Pharma
June 6
HSRF 300, 12:00pm
Phyu Thwe TBA