Campus - Waterman building

Submit CATcard Photo - WEBcard Registration Instructions:

  • ID Number - Students will use their nine digit student ID which starts with 95 and Faculty/Staff will place a 94 in front of their seven digit Employee ID. 
  • PIN number is your 6 digit birthdate in MMDDYY format.
  • You will need a valid email address, this does not have to be a UVM email address.
  • You will be asked to enter a password. This is not your UVM NetID password but one you select specifically for this purpose.
  • You will receive a confirmation email to the email address you specified immediately after completing the registration process.
  • Follow the instructions in the confirmation email to sign into WEBcard Center
  • Select Notification Preference after signing in to WEBcard Center.  This will allow the CATcard system to send you messages.  These can be set to text or email.
  • Select Submit ID Photo from the WEBcard Center menu.
  • BE SURE TO ALSO include a photo of a government issued ID with your photo.
  • See Important Photo Requirements below.     
  • Ready to begin?  Select the Sign up for WEBcard quick link.   
  • Issues registering?  Email with full name and 9 digit student ID # beginning with 95.

  Important Photo Requirements:

  • Photographs must be in color.
  • They must be in focus, with a solid light color background without designs or patterns to ensure that the cardholder's head is clearly visible.
  • The photograph must be a full face, front view of the cardholder, no profiles or angles.
  • Make sure top of head is not cut off and clearly visible.
  • As a guide the distance from the base of the cardholder's chin to the top of the head must occupy between 70% and 80% of the height of the photograph.
  • The cardholder must appear in normal street attire (no costumes), without a hat or other headgear and no dark glasses.
  • The photo must be that of the cardholder only (no family, friends, animals, objects, etc, are permitted).
  • If the CATcard office rejects your photo for not following the guidelines, AND you have setup your NOTIFICATION PREFERENCE in WEBcard, you will receive a message stating the reason and you will need to submit a new photo following the guidelines. 

WEBcard makes it easy to:

  • Submit a photo for your ID, see the requirements above.
  • Check your CAT$cratch balance.

  • View transaction history.
  • Report your CATcard lost and remove lost hold if card found.