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I'm a Vendor

IDs are $10.00 each which are paid by the sponsoring departments chart string or if chart string not provided the vendor/contractor themselves. We do need the Vendor Form before you come and get a CATcard.

Vendor/contractor must show a drivers license or other picture ID when getting their ID card.*

If door access is required fill out a PDF icon Key Access Request Form (PDF).

  • research lab - the Melosira


    • All vendors employed by UVM (contractors, subcontractors, suppliers, engineers and consultants, etc.) who work on UVM's campus or in UVM buildings and facilities are required to display an identification badge in a readily visible place on their person whenever on campus. Upon request vendors shall present and/or submit their ID card to any UVM employee.
    • The UVM sponsoring department must print off the PDF icon Vendor Form (PDF) on their department letter head.


Students in front of the Rubenstein building

What are my CATcard Privileges?

Get a new card

  • If your card is lost, you can buy a new one for $25.00.
  • It can not be charged to your student account.
  • If your current card is worn out or not working replace it for $10.00.
  • You must turn in your most current card to replace it for $10.00.


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