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CATcard, including Lost/Stolen

What is a CATcard?

CATcard is the name of the identification card at UVM.  It is a digital photo ID which serves as a library card, meal card and CAT$cratch card.  The digital CATcard also can be programmed for building access. 

Who is eligible for a CATcard?

All actively enrolled students including actively enrolled Continuing Education Students. All Faculty/Staff. Temporary employees are eligible but must have a PDF icon Temporary Staff (PDF) form filled out. It must be signed by a supervisor and either include a chart string to cover the $10.00 cost of the card or the employee pays the $10.00. If an expiration date is not specified by the supervisor the card will be active for one year from date of production.Spouse or Civil Union partners of benefit-eligible UVM faculty or staff are eligible for a card. You must visit the Human Resource Services office (Waterman Building Room 228) to pick up the UVM Spouse ID Application, commonly called the "green form." The form must be filled out and signed both by the employee and by a representative of Human Resource Services. The employee need not accompany the spouse or partner to the CATcard office, but the spouse must bring the completed ID form.

When can I get my CATcard?   

Students can upload their photo and once approved download their CATcard to their Apple phone or watch or Android phone.  Faculty and Staff are eligible once they are in the PeopleSoft system.

What does the valid thru date mean on my card? 

Before or on the expiration date on your card you will have to call or email our office for a renewal. The digital CATcard will no longer work after the valid thru date has passed and nust be updated by CATcard prior to continued use.

Did you get a new phone?

If you previously had your card on your phone and have obtained a new phone see the knowledge based articles on your device type iPhone or Android for assistance. If you need further assistence you can contact the CATcard Service Center 802-656-4509 during regular business hours so that we can reset your account. Once the reset has been completed, delete the GET app and re-download the app on your new phone.

Does it cost money for a CATcard?

For Students and Faculty/Staff your first CATcard is at no cost.  Check our Rate Schedule for all other prices.

What if I lose my CATcard?

If you are not sure where your card is you can log on to either GET or the WEBcard Center to flag it lost. Once it is flagged lost no one can use it until you unflag it. You can also call the CATcard Service Center 656-4509 during business hours, if it is closed call the UVM Police Service at 656-3473. Your card will be turned off so that no one else can use it.  If you find your card go the CATcard Office or Police Services to have it turned back on.  This is at no charge but this must be done in person.  If your card cannot be found, come into the CATcard Office to obtain a new one for $25.00.  Once you have a new one the old one will never work again. 

What if my CATcard is broken or damaged? 

You can turn in your most current card and replace it for $10.00. If you no longer have the most current card it is treated as a lost card and it is a $25.00 charge.   We strongly encourage you to put it on your phone.  That is free.

How can I access a building/office with my CATcard? 

If you require building access and are faculty, staff or student needing access please see our Fill Out Forms page for specific requestor forms.  These forms once completed can be returned to

What if I need to get CATCard access for an entire class? Do I need to fill out an individual form for each student?

No. You need to ask yourself the following question: Is access needed for their role as a student or is it needed for a role that is typically that of an employee? If you have an entire class of students that need access in their roles as students, whether graduate or undergraduate, you can fill out the Student Access Request form and attach an excel spreadsheet that includes all their names and 95#’s. For student-role access, the faculty member requesting the access attests that the students have received, or will receive prior to access, any necessary training. If we are talking one-off’s… if the student is in more of an employee-type role, if they are working under a PI doing research in a lab, if they are a TA, if they are work study students and need access to an office area, if they are getting paid for the work they do, those students require the Access Request Form.  Keep in mind that requests for access to non-restricted areas don’t need a background check or training. That is going to depend on the access being requested. But, if the area is restricted, access is not granted unless and until the background check and training is done.  Keep in mind, some courses will automatically load for the semester students are taking the class.

I'm an undergraduate or graduate student who needs CATcard access for my role as a student, how do I get access on my CATcard?

If you are a student who needs access for a student role (not for any type fo work or student employment) please have the Student Access Request Form filled out by your Dean's office and emailed to 

What if I have questions about brass key access?

Please contact the Lock Shop at or (802) 656-0984

CATcard Terms and Conditions

CATcard Mobile Terms and Conditions (PDF)


CAT$cratch, including Deposit

What is CAT$cratch and why would I need it?

CAT$cratch is UVM's prepaid debit account which works right off your CATcard. Opening a CAT$cratch account is a safe, convenient way to have access to goods and services without always having your purse or wallet with you. Typically you will have your phone with you as it is needed for your residence hall and to access your meal plan. CAT$cratch has no fees attached so you will never overdraw this account.

How do I open an account and make deposits?

All incoming Students, Faculty, and Staff have an existing CAT$cratch account.  If you wish to use the account you must fund it through one of our options.  You can make deposits in our office, using cash, check (made payable to UVM), and credit or debit card. Deposits can also be made through our secure website, just click web deposit.  There is a $2 convenience charge for this option, however all other deposit options incur no additional charges.  We also have three kiosk machines on campus (Dana Medical Library, Howe Library, and Davis Student Center) where you can check your balance and add CAT$cratch funds using cash, debit/credit card, or Apple Pay.  You can also sign up for the FREE GET Mobile APP and make a deposit right from your smartphone. Credit card deposits are treated as a payment and not a cash advance by your credit card company. Remember, CAT$cratch rolls over semester to semester and year to year. If you have a balance left when you graduate or leave the University we take a $10.00 closing fee and the remainder is refunded by Student Financial Services.

Parents & Families can deposit to a CAT$cratch Account on your behalf as well. They can log into GET Portal for Parents and Families.  They will need your preferred first and last name, along with your CATcard number (beginning with 21733) that is on the back of your CATcard or digital CATcard.  To view this information for your digital CATcard simply go to your CATcard in your digital wallet, then select the "i" button in the top right portion of the screen.  The ID# listed begins with 21733 is shown on the screen.

Who can open a CAT$cratch account?

Anyone who has a Student, Faculty, Staff, Alumni, Dependent, or Retiree card from the CATcard Office is able to utilize CAT$cratch.

How do I check my balance?

You can download the GET mobile App to check your balance and transaction history. You can also check your CAT$cratch balance at any of the kiosk machines located on campus (Dana Medical Library, Howe Library, and Davis Student Center).

Where can CAT$cratch be used?

CAT$cratch can be used for a variety of goods and services including buying books at UVM Bookstore and groceries downtown at City Market. For a complete list of locations, check our CAT$cratch Off-Campus and CAT$cratch On-Campus Merchants.

Do I need a debit or credit card?

CAT$cratch cannot be used for cash withdrawals so it is a good idea to have a separate way to access cash.

What if I lose it, can someone else use it?

Your digital CATcard is a photo ID which is checked at the time of purchase.

What is the difference between CAT$cratch and meal points?

Meal points will work only on campus and do not roll over year to year. CAT$cratch rolls over year to year and semester to semester. CAT$cratch works on campus including all the dining locations, vending machines, the UVM Bookstore, CATpause, Henderson's and off-campus locations in the Burlington area. All first year students and sophomores are required to have a meal plan. Please contact the meal plan office for more detailed information.

If I am an employee can I have payroll deduction for CAT$cratch?

Yes, you can set up automatic deductions through PeopleSoft Self Serve.

Still have questions?

For any questions we have not covered, please feel free to call us at 656-4509 or stop by our office on the first level of the Billings Library. You can e-mail and we will get back to you within two business days.


Can I Get a refund of the balance of my CAT$cratch account?

A refund will be automatically issued to anyone graduating from the University of Vermont.  The balance of your account minus a $10.00 fee is sent to Student Accounts.  If you owe the University funds they will be deducted before a check is sent to your current address that is on file with the University.  For anyone withdrawing or ending their employment with the University you will need to request a Closing form from the CATcard office and then send it to the CATcard Office for processing. 

How can I get a refund if a vending machine takes my money and I did not get the product?

For anyone living in a Residence Hall you MUST report the loss to the complex supervisor.  They will need to know what machine, the date and time, how much was deducted from your account.  They will send the information to the CATcard Office for processing.