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CATcard Service Center has a variety of forms to select from.

If you have questions at any time about the steps toward completing a form, please contact the CATcard  Office by calling (802) 656-4509 or by e-mailing CATcard.

Select the form you need. Complete the form and email to the CATcard Service Center.

We look forward to helping you!

CAT$cratch Application

This form needs to be filled out when making an initial CAT$cratch (UVM's prepaid debit account) deposit in the CATcard office. 

Davis Dollar/Gift Card Request Form (PDF)

For Departments who wish to provide Davis Dollars as a gift card. You must be an authroized signer on the budget from which you are requesting the funs to be deducted. 

PDF icon Department Deposit (PDF)

For departmental deposits only to add additional funds to your existing department copier card. You must be an authorized signer on the budget from which you are requesting the funds to be deducted.

PDF icon CATcard Loaner Equipment Agreement (PDF)

For departments and organizations that are interested in mobile reader rental for CAT$ratch payments and attendance tracking.

Access Request Form (PDF)

Use this access request form for all individuals needing access based on their work role. 

If granting access to multiple patrons one form can be submitted with an accompanying Excel Spreadsheet columns containing First Name, Last name and the employees full Employee ID Number (PeopleSoft ID) or students complete 95 number. Note Undergraduate Students are restricted to maximum three consecutive semester so should not be mixed in with Graduate Students or Faculty/Staff if requesting permanent access as all listed will default to the current semester only per Safety and Compliance rules. Best practice is to send a separate form for Undergraduate Student Workers to avoid this issue.

For Student Access in a student role use the Student Access Request Form found below.

Sample scenarios for the Access Rrquest Form are listed below.  Email completed form to catcard@uvm.edu.

  • Temp or regular faculty/staff needing door access
  • LCOM employee needing door access
  • Student employee requiring door access because of their employment role (Graduate or Undergraduate)
  • Vendor requiring door access
  • Campus partners with CATcards requiring door acccess (i.e. UVM Foundation, Sodexo, Howard Center)


Student Access Request Form (PDF)

To request building access for a Graduate or Undergraduate based on their role as a student.  This form is exclusively for a student or group of students needing access to a lab/room/building/area as part of their course of study.  Please complete out and email to catcard@uvm.edu.  If a student requires access based on their student employment role please use the Access Request Form above.


PDF icon Dining Staff ID Request (PDF)

UVM Dining employees must have form printed out on UVM Dining letter head and signed by a supervisor.


Temporary Staff ID Request (PDF)

Temporary employees are only able to get a CATcard with this completed form.  They must be in the PeopleSoft System and have this form printed out on the requesting departments letter head.  Any access to buildings or locations should be requested seperately with an Access Request Form found above.

Vendor ID Request Form (PDF)

Contractors must be sponsored by UVM Department and have form printed on requesting UVM Department letter head.

University Operating Procedures for video surveillance

University operating procedures for video surveillance. See next link down for the form.

Video Surveillance Request Form (PDF)

This form must be filled out for all video surveillance on UVM property or on properties rented, leased or otherwise occupied by UVM.

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CATcard Hot Tips


For all new Faculty and Staff members if you can see yourself in PeopleSoft you can get a CATcard.

For all Temporary Employees you will need a PDF icon Temp Staff Form (PDF) filled out and you MUST be in PeopleSoft to get a CATcard.