I'm a UVM Medical Resident

UVM Medical Residents are entitled to a digital UVM CATcard. If you will be granted a teaching appointment through the College of Medicine you must be in the UVM PeopleSoft System to obtain a UVM Faculty/Staff digital CATcard. We are a one-card campus — all campus amenities are serviced via the one UVM card. This card provides you door access and the UVM debit account known as CAT$cratch.  You may obtain an ID during or after your orientation session has taken place. You are required to bring a form of a government issued photo ID with you (Driver's license, Military ID, Passport, etc).


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    UVM Medical Residents

    • UVM Medial Residents may obtain their digital CATcard ID anytime during or after their orientation session at the CATcard Service Center. 
    • Access to your privileges will be activated at the time the card is issued.
    • CAT$cratch, the prepaid debit account, may be opened at any time and works right off the ID for your convenience.

What are my CATcard Privileges?

Get a new card

  • If your card is lost, you can buy a new one for $25.00.
  • It can not be charged to your student account.
  • If your current card is worn out or not working replace it for $10.00.
  • You must turn in your most current card to replace it for $10.00.

CATcard etiquette

  • Do not give your card to anyone.
  • Do not leave your card as collateral.
  • Do not loan your card to your friend so he/she can use your CAT$cratch, or your card will be confiscated if misused.
  • Do not give your card to your friend so he/she can access your building.
  • Do not use your card to scrape off ice or for any other unintended use.