Each ensemble has unique methods of joining.  See each for more details.


  • Foundations courses in studio art and in art history are popular with students from throughout the College and University.
  • The most popular in studio art are ARTS 012 Perspective on Art Making and ARTS 001 Drawing. The former introduces contemporary artmaking through the lens of making, and in dialogue with current and historical practices. The latter is an introductory drawing class, and both are open to students with no prior experience in artmaking. Our two art history survey classes—ARTS 005 Survey I and ARTS 006 Survey II—are popular large lecture courses that cover the histories of image, object, and experience-making from Antiquity to the Modern era. These courses count as general education requirements.


  • The Dance Program is an inclusive space and welcomes anyone enthusiastic about taking dance class, performing, or becoming a dance major or minor. No audition is required. Occasionally, participation with a particular guest artist might be on an audition basis; however, most performance opportunities are open and accessible to everyone. In the Dance Program, we expect students to fully commit to the schedule, be accountable, work collaboratively, and embody a type of participation that honors their fellow students, teachers, and creative process.
  • Upper-level classes may require prerequisites. Dance faculty are more than happy to discuss and facilitate any student looking to fulfill their personal scholastic goals, creative aspirations, and artistic dreams.


Involvement in theatre productions is not limited to theatre majors or minors, and all UVM students are welcome to participate.

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