The Concert Band performs

Our ensembles are open to students from every major. Auditions generally take place during the first week of each semester.

Questions? Contact the director or


University Catamount Singers

(MUE 3300)

Conductor - Stefanie Weigand, (email)

The group is open to the best singers on campus, regardless of major. In fact, many of our singers have been majors in departments other than music, working side by side with music majors in both performance and music education. Singers typically make a two semester commitment to the group.

Auditions/hearings are held each semester during the first few sessions of the group. The audition consists of an open rehearsal and choral exercises during the first meeting and performing the taught music in small groups during the second meeting. Just come to the first meeting for more information. Selection is based upon creating a balanced ensemble.

Chamber Ensembles

(MUE 3111 B)

Director - Emily Taubl, (email)

Chamber Music is a program in which students perform in duos, trios, quartets, and larger ensembles while learning the art of rehearsing on their own as well as working with an accomplished chamber music coach. Each ensemble will receive a weekly 30-minute coaching on Mondays between 5-7pm (this will be scheduled by Emily Taubl with each individual group). Once a month, each ensemble will meet in a seminar style format to allow for performance opportunities throughout the semester leading up to the final performance. The full schedule for coachings and seminar meetings will be sent at the beginning of the semester. Students are welcome to form their own ensembles, or the director will assign students to a group. Chamber ensembles often have other opportunities to play at events such as community gatherings and weddings.

Interested students should contact Emily Taubl about placement at the beginning of each semester. The director may request a recorded or live audition to aid in proper placement in an ensemble.

University Concert Band

(MUE 2200)

Conductor - D. Thomas Toner, (email)

Concert Band welcomes all students regardless of major. Each student must take a placement audition for seating once per year and happen at the beginning of each semester. Since these are primarily placement auditions, students should register for the course before they audition. View Concert Band audition info details. New members are welcome in both Fall and Spring semesters.

University Concert Choir

(MUE 2300)

Conductor - Dr. Andrea Maas, (email)

The University Concert Choir is a large, mixed-voice (soprano-alto-tenor-bass) choir. The group performs choral works of all styles and in several different languages. This ensemble is open to all singers, regardless of major and prior singing experience. There are no auditions for participation in this choir. Please come to our first rehearsal and bring a friend!



Jazz Ensembles

Jazz Ensemble (Big Band) Director - Alex Stewart, (email)
Latin Jazz Ensemble, Nonet & Post-Bop Director - Ray Vega, 
Guitar Ensemble Director - Joe Capps, Joseph (email)
Chromaticats (Tuesday Jazz Combo) Director - Tom Cleary, (email)

We will hold auditions only for new students or those who have not participated in ensembles in prior semesters. As usual, these auditions will be held during the first week of classes. A sign-up sheet will be posted on the bulletin board next to the Music office. New students are also invited to send recordings instead of a live audition. These recordings may consist of a single short piece of music such as an etude, solo transcription, big band part, jazz tune, classical piece, improvisation, etc. We just need to get an idea of your sound and ability in order to better place you.

Co-enrollment in University Jazz Ensemble is required of participants in jazz combos unless no positions on their instruments are available in that group.

Jazz vocalists, please reach out to (email)

Jazz Vocal Ensemble

(MUE 2125)

Director - Amber deLaurentis, (email)

Previous members: You need not audition, but please make sure you register for the course so we know who is returning.

Prospective members: Audition requirements are as follows: 

One prepared piece, preferably jazz, performed either a cappella, or, if you provide sheet music/chart, accompanied by one of the directors. If you do not have written music for your audition piece, make sure
you know your key or starting note for the piece. The audition will also include sight reading. (The ability to read music is preferred, but not required.)

Auditions are Wednesday 1/18, 4:30-5:30 p.m. in Southwick 206. Sign up for an audition time on the bulletin board near the Music main office (Southwick 200C).

Contact the director with any questions.

University Symphony Orchestra

(MUE 2400)

Conductor - Yutaka Kono, (email)

All students regardless of major are welcome to audition for the University Symphony Orchestra. Faculty, staff, and community members are also welcome to audition, although students are given priority for positions within the orchestra. In general, most woodwind, brass, and percussion positions are filled by students, while the string sections are a mix of students, faculty, staff, and community members. Visit the Orchestra page for signups and detailed audition requirements.

New students who wish to join the orchestra in spring should contact the conductor before the beginning of the spring semester in January. Auditions will be scheduled at the first week of the semester. If new students audition, then certain current woodwind and brass players may need to re-audition for the spring term.

Percussion Ensemble

(MUE 2111 D)

Conductor - D. Thomas Toner, (email)

If you have not played percussion for Dr. Toner before, please come to the first rehearsal ready to play a short piece for snare, timpani, and/or mallets. Contact Dr. Toner with questions about repertoire.

Vermont Wind Ensemble

(MUE 3200)

Conductor - D. Thomas Toner, (email)

Auditions take place during the first week of each semester. Audition information can be found here.  While it is hoped that everyone who is qualified will be offered a spot in the group, ensemble balance issues will occasionally make that impossible. (Note: students who perform in the Vermont Wind Ensemble are required to also perform in the UVM Concert Band).

QUESTIONS? Please e-mail