Music professor Joe Capps and his students in the state of the art digital recording studio on campus

The School of the Arts has arts-specific internship opportunities that are in addition to internship offerings in the College of Arts and Sciences (described below). If you are an Art Education, Art History, Dance, Music, Studio Art, Theatre, Film and Television Studies, or Creative Writing major looking to complete an internship for credit in your major during the academic year, you can enroll in an internship with a program prefix. We offer individualized program-level internships (ARTH, ARTS, DNCE, MUS, THE 3991 Internship), for variable credits, in all our programs. These are currently most active in the ARTS and ARTH areas, and count toward the majors in these areas. We partner with Vermont organizations such as Burlington-City Arts, The Hall Art Foundation, UVM Hospital, and many more.


In the Program in Art & Art History, students have the opportunity to take a service-learning course called Community-Engaged Internship (ARTS 3910), that offers a semester-long internship at a community field site along with a weekly seminar that supports the work. Internship sites are individualized based on students' interests and may include galleries, art studios, arts advocacy programs, afterschool programs, or other related sites. Beginning in Fall 2024, we will offer another internship course called Campus Art Projects Internship. This will involve research on, and organization of, the University’s art holdings.

If you are looking to do an internship for general credit during the academic year, you can consider opportunities offered through the College of Arts and Sciences. Currently arts-oriented internship credit can be earned via CAS, in CAS 2920 Communities of Practice: Arts and the Creative Economy. In this, elective credit is earned for a cohort style internship directed by professionals currently working within various creative fields. You might also consider semester-long travel-based internships like Arts in Action, Semester in the City, or The Washington Center; listed below.

If interested in a program-level internship in Art, Art History, Dance, Music, or Theatre; contact Pamela Fraser, School of the Art’s Associate Director for Student Success at

If you are interested in CAS Internship programs, visit The College of Arts and Sciences Internship Program page for more information on these and other opportunities, including information on deadlines, Handshake and other application processes. There you will also find information on summer internships and internship support.


Arts in Action

Arts in Action is a semester-long CAS internship program focused on art, community, and activism in New York City. The program combines professional development work, an academic course called Arts and Activism, and a 3 or 4-day-per-week internship. Students earn 15 UVM credits while living and interning at arts organizations in NYC. Students of all majors are invited to participate.


Semester in the City

Semester in the City and The College for Social Innovation bring UVM students to Boston, MA for a semester of hard work and deep network-building. Intern in a social justice, non-profit or community action-based organization and earn 15 UVM credits while in the city. Students of all majors are invited to join, and participants will receive AmeriCorps benefits.


Semester for Impact

Semester for Impact is the sibling program to Semester in the City but based right here in Burlington! Intern within the non-profit or social justice sector here in Vermont while earning credit and maintaining the ease of your current housing or other local commitments. Students of all majors are welcome, and participants will receive AmeriCorps benefits.


The Washington Center

The Washington Center combines a 32 hour/week internship experience with an academic course for a semester in Washington, D.C. preparing for life after graduation. Intern at one of 600 partner organizations and earn academic credit. Students of all majors are invited to participate.