UVM Catamount Singers

The University Catamount Singers is a select group of 12-14 singers. It performs a diverse body of repertoire, and gives many performances each year, both on- and off-campus. The Catamounts have toured throughout Vermont, New England, and the Atlantic states.


Auditions for the group are held each semester, during the first few sessions of the group. The group is open to the best singers on campus, regardless of major. In fact, many of the best singers in the group have been majors in departments other than music, working side by side with music majors in both performance and music education. Singers typically make a two semester commitment to the group.


Prof. David Neiweem
(802) 656-7769

Listen to the University Catamount Singers

"April is in My Mistress' Face" by Thomas Morely








The Catamount Singers (MU 127) rehearse on Tuesday and Thursday, 4:25-5:40.