Senior Lecturer

Sean A. Witters is a Senior Lecturer and recipient of the Kroepsch-Maurice Award for Excellence in Teaching. He teaches courses on American Literature, Critical Theory, Critical Race and Ethnic Studies, Film & Television Studies, Addiction Studies, and Dystopian Fiction. He received his BA from the University of Vermont and received his Ph.D. from Brandeis University. He has published on writers and theorist including, Aldous Huxley, Michel Foucault, George Orwell, Toni Morrison, Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick, Henry James, and J.D. Salinger. He is presently writing a book-length study of the emergence and evolution of “the Addict” in literature, cinema, medicine, law, and culture.


"Literary Value and the American Marketplace."The American Novel of the Twentieth and Twenty- First Centuries. Ed. Timo Müller, Berlin: De Gruyter, 2017.
"For the Love of Big Brother: Paranoid Reading and Nineteen Eighty-Four."Nineteen Eighty-Four: Critical Insights. Ed. Thomas Horan. Ipswich, Ma: Salem Press, 2016.
"'Observe,' said the Director': Brave New World, Surveillance Studies, and the Dystopian Tradition.”Brave New World: Critical Insights. Ed. M. Keith Booker. Ipswich, Ma: Salem Press, 2014.
"Words have to mean something more: Folkloric Reading in Brave New World."Huxley's Brave New World: Essays. Ed. David Garrett Izzo and Kim Kirkpatrick. Jefferson, NC: McFarland, 2008.
"Mary McCarthy."The Literary Encyclopedia. 1 Mar. 2008. The Literary Dictionary


Awards and Recognition

2014 UVM Kroepsch-Maurice Excellence in Teaching Award
1999-2000 Fredrick M. Corse Fellowship for Post-Graduate studies in Literature

Areas of Expertise and/or Research

Modernism, Postmodernism, American literature, critical theory, film & television studies, critical race and ethnic studies, dystopian fiction, addiction studies.


  • Ph.D. Brandeis University, 2010


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323 Old Mill

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By Appointment

  1. @DrSeanWitters

Courses Taught

  • Modern American Novel
  • Contemporary American Novel
  • Dystopian Narrative & Modernity
  • Critical Approaches to Literature
  • Race and Ethnic Literary Studies
  • Addicts & Contemporary Culture