Associate Professor and Director of the Film and Television program



South Korean Film: Critical and Primary Sources Volume I-III

Bloomsbury Publishing, 09 Sep 2021

cover of Cinema at the Crossroads: Nation and the Subject in East Asian Cinema by Hyon Joo YooCinema at the Crossroads: Nation and the Subject in East Asian Cinema Lexington Books/a part of the Rowman and Littlefield Publishing Group Inc., 2012
cover of The Trans-Pacific Imagination: Rethinking Boundary, Culture and Society edited by Hyon Joo Yoo and Naoki SakaiEditor (with Naoki Sakai, Cornell University), The Trans-Pacific Imagination: Rethinking Boundary, Culture and Society (World Scientific Publishing, 2012): wrote its Introduction and a chapter entitled “The Incurable Feminine: Women Without a Country in East Asian Cinema”
South Korean Cinema(a series of three books: Bloomsbury, forthcoming). I edited the entire series and wrote four introductory essays.


“Cartography of the Abject Nation in Thirst and Still Life.Forthcoming in Studies in Humanities
“The Chronotope of Trauma in National Cinema.”Journal of Japanese and Korean Cinema (Routledge). Vol. 7, No. 1, 2015.
“Transnational Cultural Production and the Politics of Moribund Masculinity.” positions: east asia cultures critique Vol. 16, Issue 3 (2008). 661-688 (as Hyon Joo Yoo Murphree).
“Class and Ethnicity in the Global Market for Organs: The Case of Korean Cinema.”(with Rebecca Garden) Journal of Medical Humanities Vol. 28, No. 4 (2007), 213-229 (as Hyon Joo Yoo Murphree).
“The Stranger’s Passage in Cyberspace.” Postcolonial Studies Vol. 8, No.2 (2005), 181-197 (as Hyon Joo Yoo Murphree).


Awards and Recognition

Spring 2017 Peter Seybolt Faculty Fund (Asian Studies)

2014 Lattie F. Coor Faculty Awards in Humanities; Faculty Development Grant (English Department)

Fall 2011 Faculty Development Fund (Asian Studies Program)

Fall 2010 Lattie F. Coor Faculty Awards in Humanities; Faculty Development Grant (Asian Studies Program & English Department)

Fall 2009 Faculty Development Grant (English & Asian Studies)

Fall 2008 Faculty Development Grant (English)

Fall 2007 Faculty Development Grant (English)

Associations and Affiliations

American Comparative Literature Association
Modern Language Association
Society for Cinema and Media Studies
Society for Literature, Science and the Arts

Areas of Expertise and/or Research

East Asian cinema, postcolonial studies, gender studies, psychoanalysis, Marxism, globalization and media.


  • Ph.D. Syracuse University, 2007


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Courses Taught

  • Global Studies in Film and Television D2: Cinema and Capitalism
  • Contemporary Topics in Film and Television
  • Intro Special Topics: Film, Culture, Society
  • Intro Special Topics: Vermont International Film Festival
  • Contemporary Topics: Transnational Genres and Filmmakers
  • Contemporary Topics: East Asian Cinema
  • Global Studies in Film and Television D2: Nation, Cinema, and Capitalism
  • Development in Motion Pictures I: Origin - 1930
  • Development in Motion Picture II: 1930 - 1960
  • Development in Motion Pictures III: 1960 - 2000
  • Film and Television Theory
  • Survey of Literary Theory and Criticism
  • Film and Television Genre and Auteur
  • Seminar in Film and Television: Cinema of Failure
  • Seminar: The Terror and Pleasure of Modernity
  • Seminar: East Asian Cinema and the Post-Colonial World
  • D1: Race and Ethnicity in Film and Television