Sometimes, students may be required to earn academic credit for their internship experience. If you do want or need that academic credit, this can present a financial burden. UVM has a summer internship credit option (SINT) that aims to support students in this situation by providing a more affordable option.

Summer Internship Credit Overview

SINT courses have the subject prefix SINT in UVM’s Schedule of Courses and have the following characteristics and conditions:

  • Tuition rate is reduced to $100 per credit (plus the required comprehensive fee of $10 for 1 credit).
  • Academic credit will be recorded on the student’s transcript, but the credit does not count toward degree eligibility (it will be credit earned in excess of degree requirements).
  • Applies only to elective, summer internships; both conditions must be met to utilize the option.
  • Registration is only by Instructor Permission.
  • Students will still have all internship learning, academic, quality expectations for the internship course, consistent with the existing Policy on Academic Internships.
  • Regular internship courses at standard tuition rates are still an option for students seeking degree-eligible academic credit.

Which option should I choose?

SINT internship courses are cross-listed with existing department-based internship courses. Students seeking degree-eligible credit should enroll via the department prefix (standard tuition rates). Students not seeking degree-eligible credit enroll via SINT ($100 per credit).

If you have questions or seek further information, please contact the Internship Coordinator in the Career Center at

UVM is pleased to be able to offer this option to our students, which serves to increase access to important learning and professional experiences, and advance our goals related to career preparation and high-impact practices.

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