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As a veteran, you've developed a skillset highly sought by employers. 

Veterans are employed in every sector, industry, and job type out there. Your military experience has helped prepare you for a wide range of responsibilities. Exploring your interests and determining how you want to highlight your military service (or not) during your job search will help you make a successful transition to a civilian career.

Finding Opportunities

There are no limits to the range of employment possibilities available to you. To help narrow your search, try using "veteran" in keyword searches to find specific opportunities where an employer has specified a preference for hiring veterans or strongly encourages applicants with military experience. There are also many job boards dedicated to the military and veteran community.

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Crafting your Resume for Civilian Positions

Whether you choose to include your military experience on a resume is a personal choice. The skills gained through service, including leadership, teamwork, communication, work ethic, and more, are highly sought after by employers - highlighting them effectively can help improve your candidacy. If you do choose to include service experience, it's likely that a hiring manager will not be familiar with military terminology or references, so use common language.

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Addressing Combat Experience or Disabilities During the Job Search Process

If you have combat experience or any service-related disabilities, choosing whether to share that information with a prospective employer is highly personal. You are not required to disclose this information, even if asked; however, employers may be required to make appropriate accomodations, if requested, as many veterans are protected from discrimination in employment under the Americans with Disabilities Act.

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