The James W. Marvin Award in Science and Conservation was established to recognize and honor the interests and leadership of Dr. Marvin in the areas of botany, maple science, and conservation. The award is offered annually to a Vermont-based young professional in the early stages of their career (no more than five years after receipt of an advanced degree or beginning of career position) or a post secondary or high-school student, to be used to forward the causes most cherished by Jim Marvin.

Awards will be made as the result of a competitive proposal process, in which applicants propose a project or activity in Vermont that forwards at least one of the aforementioned causes (botany, maple science, and conservation). Among the possible activities are participation in scientific research, funding related to an internship opportunity, and development of educational materials and programs, although this list is not exclusive.

The review committee is particularly interested in promoting proposals that leverage the award money to attract additional funding for a related Vermont-based project or projects. Individuals, organizations and causes may apply and be the recipient of awards, however, the committee sees causes as the thematic basis of the proposals submitted by individuals and organizations.

The Plant Biology Department of the University of Vermont will provide for a competitive review of proposals and will manage the award program. A final written report must be submitted at the end of project/activity and some type of public presentation of the results or project outcome is strongly encouraged.

Request for Proposals

Required Proposal Components
(Maximum of ten pages, single-spaced, single-sided, minimum 11 point font)

a. Summary of the Purpose of Proposed Activity

b. Previous Background and Present Outlook Related to the Project

c. Detailed Description of the Proposed Activities including Objectives

d. Timeline and Duration of the Project

e. Expected Outcomes and Reporting

f. Qualifications and Background of Applicant

g. Justification (Why Does this Project Need to be Done Now and How Will it Advance Botany, Maple Science, or Environmental Conservation?)

h. Budget (Maximum $5,000) and Justification of Costs
(No Overhead or Indirect Expenses Are Allowed)

There will be no award offered in 2023.  Please check this website in 2024 for updates about the timing of future RFPs.