Graduate student Sandra Nnadi presents at the 2019 annual Student Research Conference

Graduate Student Sandra Nnadi presents at the 2019 Student Research Conference

The Ph.D. program in Plant Biology provides training in basic scientific research in diverse aspects of plant biology, including developmental genetics, molecular regulation of gene expression, cell biology, plant-microbe interactions, ecological genomics, systematics and biogeography, and ecology of plant population and community dynamics.

Students in this research-oriented program complete rotations in at least two laboratories before settling in the lab where they complete their dissertation research. Students gain experience in teaching by serving as Graduate Teaching Assistants (GTAs) for undergraduate courses. Some semesters include a GTA assignment, while other semesters are devoted fully to research. Throughout the program, students making satisfactory progress toward their degree are funded by a stipend in the amount of $33,280 per year. Student comprehensive fees are also covered by the scholarship.

Program Requirements

Ph.D. in Plant Biology

Learning Objectives for the Plant Biology Ph.D. Program

  1. Design, conduct, analyze, write up, and defend a research project addressing a previously unanswered question
  2. Compose a grant proposal
  3. Identify and apply for sources of funding for research or travel
  4. Critically evaluate and interpret scientific papers from the primary literature
  5. Communicate effectively to diverse audiences, both lay and scientific, through teaching, writing, mentoring, and scientific presentation