Our commitment to research in basic plant biology, from the molecular to the ecological, stems from our belief that integration of our group of plant-centered scientists into a single community brings together an extraordinary array of perceptions of plants.

Pictured here, faculty member Michael Sundue (right) and Ph.D. student Weston Testo collect Pleopeltis fern specimens in Colombia. Michael and Wes are researchers in the Barrington lab, which investigates the diversity and evolution of spore-dispersed plants, especially ferns and clubmosses.

At the molecular level, faculty explore the biochemistry, molecular physiology, and development of plants. At the cell and organ levels, we are engaged in understanding the physiology of plant processes with special attention to their chemistry and biophysics. At the organismal, community, and landscape levels, department members develop insights into plant diversity and interactions between plants, other members of their biotic communities, and their abiotic environment.

People Who Do:

  • Professor and Chair

    Signaling networks, developmental genetics, plant-microbe...

  • Professor Emeritus

    Plant systematics and evolution

  • Professor

    Forest ecology, theoretical ecology, statistics

  • Associate Professor

    Plant disease resistance signaling, plant-pathogen...

  • Associate Professor

    Ecological and population genomics, landscape genetics,...

  • Research Associate Professor

    Plant morphogenesis, sexual differentiation and cell wall...

  • Professor

    Evolution of invasiveness, population dynamics, coexistence...

  • Professor

    Evolutionary genetics of plant development

  • Associate Professor

    Cell wall structure, signaling pathways, control of gene...