• Students Apply Nature-Based Solutions to Combat Climate Change Locally

    A four-week intensive internship, PBIO 290: Nature-based Climate Solutions, combined both internship and service-learning methodologies, while enabling students to earn summer course credits. Read more>>

  • Uncovering New Biodiversity Hotspots

    Fern expert Michael Sundue collected this Selaginella in New Guinea—and brought it back to study in Vermont. He and fellow plant biology researchers are part of an international team who have discovered the island nation is home to the richest plant diversity in the world. Read more>>

The plant sciences provide novel strategies, new technologies, and practical solutions or mitigations to some of the major global challenges that face future generations. The UVM Plant Biology Department provides research and education in the basic biology of plants at all levels of organization, from the molecule to the organism to the ecosystem. World problems addressed by plant biologists include natural-resource sustainability, food security, global climate change, renewable energy, and human health and well-being.

Lillian "Porky" Reade

Lillian "Porky" Reade portrait in Jeffords garden 2017Lillian "Porky" Reade passed away on January 27, 2022. Porky was the warm welcoming face in the Plant Biology office for nearly three decades: 1990-2019. She connected with every student and was especially involved in running the Field Naturalist Masters Program. So many students, faculty, and staff considered her a friend, because she was always so warm and compassionate with every person who crossed her path. Porky was such a special part of UVM Plant Biology, and she is dearly missed.

Marvin Seminar Series

The James Marvin Memorial Seminar Series is held on Thursdays 4:15-5:15pm. See the current schedule on the Seminar Page