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Few faculty members have just one role in the Field Naturalist Program. Our faculty are teachers, advisors, mentors, and friends. Students regularly take classes with faculty outside the program too, including in the Biology, Plant Biology, and Plant and Soil Science departments and in the Rubenstein School of Environment and Natural Resources. Non-program faculty sit on FN graduate committees as well.

Jeffrey Hughes

Dr. Jeffrey Hughes

Jeffrey directs the program and teaches Fundamentals of Field Science and Landscape Inventory & Assessment; he also leads problem-solving and consulting workshops. A forest ecologist now, Jeff was once a French teacher, a Peace Corps volunteer, an environmental consultant, a park ranger in Alaska, a fishing guide in Maine, and a bunch of other things that aren’t resume material. His latest book, The Effective Environmentalist’s Toolkit (Cornell Univ. Press), is due out in 2020.

Alicia Daniel

Alicia Daniel

Walking through the forest without knowing how to read the landscape is like walking through a library without knowing how to read a book. Forests record their histories in rock formations, tree rings, cellar holes, and beaver chew. Alicia guides students through the Field Naturalist Practicum as they solve these forest mysteries and cultivate an intimate understanding of the natural world. She is Executive Director of the Vermont Master Naturalist Program and the Field Naturalist for the City of Burlington.

Joshua Brown

Joshua Brown

Josh is a science writer, environmental journalist, and photographer whose work has appeared in a variety of places, from the Wall Street Journal to Conservation Magazine to the NASA homepage. He teaches Professional Writing, helping FN students tackle a wide range of styles. Since 2006, he has been a staff writer at UVM covering all the natural and physical sciences. His reporting work has taken him from bat caves in Vermont to the ice sheet of Greenland.

Cathy Paris

Dr. Cathy Paris

Cathy co-teaches Field Botany, a fast-paced course designed to acquaint FN students with the diversity of vascular plant species in Vermont and the organization of those species into natural communities. Since 1991, she has taught a variety of courses at UVM in field botany, plant systematics, and plant evolution. Her particular loves are walking in the woods, getting to know new plants and landscapes, and sharing good food and music with friends.

Liz Thompson

Liz Thompson

Liz is an ecologist and botanist with a deep passion for nature and a lifelong interest in patterns of plant distribution. She teaches Field Botany with Cathy and also works as a conservation scientist with the Vermont Land Trust, where she brings nature conservation to the working landscape. She is co-author, with Eric Sorenson and Bob Zaino, of Wetland, Woodland, Wildland: A Guide to the Natural Communities of Vermont, an indispensable book for all FN students.

Walter Poleman

Dr. Walter Poleman

Walter teaches Landscape Inventory & Assessment using the classic Field Naturalist "layer cake" approach to ecology. He is the founding director of the PLACE (Place-based Landscape Analysis & Community Engagement) Program and co-coordinator of the Greater Burlington Sustainability Education Network. He also coordinates the Rubenstein School’s dual master’s degree program with Vermont Law School and teaches ecology there each summer.

Stephen Wright

Dr. Stephen Wright

Stephen teaches Vermont Field Geology, in which both FN and Geology graduate students explore key field sites within a day’s drive of UVM to understand the geologic underpinnings of northern New England. This includes both the rock history and the glacial geology of the area, which is the focus of Stephen's research. When he's not hiking for work or pleasure, he's likely to be bicycling or nordic skiing.

Dave Barrington

Dr. David Barrington

Dave is the chair of the Plant Biology Department, a seasoned pteridologist, and director of the Pringle Herbarium since 1974. He has advised numerous Field Naturalists and is a frequent guest lecturer on ferns in Field Botany. Every other January, he leads a field course on tropical botany in Costa Rica that many FN students have taken. He lives in Jericho, where he has served as town moderator since 1999.

Deane Wang

Dr. Deane Wang


The vital socio-ecological component of the program curriculum owes its existence to Deane. He was director of the Rubenstein School's Ecological Planning Program, the FN sister program, until his retirement in 2017. Now he and his wife live in Seattle, near their grandchildren. Deane still serves on the board of the FNEP Alumni Association.

Bryan Pfeiffer

Bryan Pfeiffer


The former writing instructor, Bryan is now a consulting field naturalist chasing birds and insects. He's sometimes lured back to campus to discuss anything from the Oxford comma to sparrow identification. Most recently, he's been photographing rare butterflies for the State of Maine and writing a book on what a dragonfly tells us about the planet and the human condition.

Hub Vogelmann, Founder

Hubert “Hub” Vogelmann (1928-2013), a UVM scientist renowned for bringing acid rain to national attention and founding the Vermont chapter of The Nature Conservancy, established the Field Naturalist Program in 1983. The goal was to train conservationists who could cross disciplines in the natural sciences with ease and speak compellingly to the public and policy-makers—a program that unified science, nature, and human nature.

Hub as an old man

His family asks those who wish to honor Hub's legacy to contribute to a fund in his memory that allows the Field Naturalist Program to provide funding for students and continue to foster the next generation of legendary conservationists.

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Make a donation online by clicking the arrow below and selecting "Other," then designating your gift for the Hub Vogelmann Fund. You can also mail a donation to the Hub Vogelmann Fund, c/o the UVM Foundation, 411 Main Street, Burlington, VT 05405, or call Director Jeffrey Hughes at 802-656-0708 to discuss your donation.

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