Ethan Thibault

Seminars are held on Thursdays 4:15-5:15 in room Jeffords 110. People gather beforehand to socialize in room Jeffords 326 beginning at 3:45pm.

Seminars this semester will be held in person with a simultaneous livestream via Microsoft Teams. If you would like to attend a seminar remotely, please email to request a link to the MS Teams live stream.

The current seminar schedule is posted below. Marvin Seminar schedules for previous academic years can be accessed here.

Spring 2023 Marvin Seminar Schedule

DateSpeakerSeminar Title
Feb 23No Marvin SeminarAttend the CALS Vogelmann Award Seminar by Eric Bishop von Wettberg
Mar 2Dr. Jill Preston, UVM Plant BiologyEvolution of temperate grasses in response to global cooling, drying and warming
Mar 9Masoumeh Khodaverdi, UVM Plant Biology graduate studentShaping Vernalization Sensitivity In Melica and the Role of Climate Change
Mar 16No Marvin SeminarSpring Break
Mar 23Dr. Phil Lintilhac, UVM Plant Biology

Title TBA

Mar 30Regina Visconti & Anoob Prakash, UVM Plant Biology graduate students

VTI13 required for Root and Root Hair Growth

Detecting signals of polygenic adaptation in the face of demographic history and population structure in red spruce (Picea rubens SARG)

Apr 6Julie Raiguel & Charlotte Cadow, UVM Plant Biology graduate students

Title TBA

Black Ash: Managing a Culturally and Ecologically Significant Tree in the Time of EAB

Apr 13Erica Hample & Morgan Southgate, UVM Plant Biology graduate students

Montpelier PLACE: Ecological assessment, management, and connection in Vermont's capital city

Eco-evolutionary mechanisms of diversification in the Adiantum pedatum complex (Pteridaceae)

Apr 20Hayley Kolding & Sonya Kaufman, UVM Plant Biology graduate students

Conserving Springs and Streams in Oregon's High Desert

Forest Health in the Ossipee and Waterboro Pine Barrens: Preparing for the Arrival of the Southern Pine Beetle

Apr 27Dr. Thierry Ghislain, University of Sherbrook

Title TBA

May 4Sarah Morris, UVM Plant Biology graduate student & Art Gilman, Pringle Herbarium StaffDisentangling the systematics of Colombian Pleopeltis (Polypodiaceae)

New Perspectives on Diversity of Vascular Plants in Vermont
May 11 4:30 startDylan O'Leary, UVM Plant Biology graduate studentRestoration prioritization in the sagebrush sea: Geospatial techniques and ground truthing