A minor in Plant Biology brings in the perspective of the most dominant life forms on Earth to your undergraduate education. A Plant Biology minor pairs especially well with a major in Nutrition and Food Science, Environmental Science, or Animal Science. Minoring in Plant Biology also offers a good scientific complement to a major in the humanities. Click here for more general information about Plant Biology at UVM.

Any student interested in enrolling in the Plant Biology Minor should contact the Department. If accepted, the student will be assigned a minor advisor from the Plant Biology Department who must approve all program plans and course selections.

Minor Requirements

At least 15 credit hours of course work in Plant Biology (PBIO courses) at the 100- or 200-level. One 100-level BCOR course may be presented in fulfillment of the minor requirements.


At least one semester of introductory Biology or Plant Biology: PBIO 4, BIOL 1, BIOL 2, BCOR 11, or BCOR 12


Ineligible majors: Plant Biology