Fall 2023 Marvin Seminar Schedule

DateSpeakerSeminar Title
Aug 31Jason MazurowskiThe Bees of Burlington: Exploring the surprising diversity of our urban wilds
Sep 7No Marvin SeminarDepartment welcome event
Sep 14No Marvin SeminarCelebration for Dave & Cathy
Sep 21OpenOpen
Sep 28Baxter Worthing and Rachel Wilson, UVM Plant Biology graduate students

Finding the Hidden Genomic Structural Variation Involved in Poplar Tree Hybridization

Plasma membrane proteins involved in cell elongation and cell plate formation are cargo of VTI13

Oct 5Connor Lewis and Bertrand Black, UVM Plant Biology graduate students

Crosstown Traffic: Probing the Intersection of Vesicular Trafficking Pathways in Arabidopsis thaliana

Target Capture Sequencing Reveals Hidden Diversity in the Lady Fern (Athyrium filix-femina) Species Complex in the Americas

Oct 12No Marvin Seminar

Department retreat on October 13

Oct 19Dr. Alison Roberts, University of Rhode Island

An alternate route for cellulose biosynthesis

Oct 26Dr. Siva Sankari, Stower's Institute

Host peptides exploit symbiotic bacteria- Significance and applications

Nov 2Dr. Cara Haney, University of Pittsburgh

Balancing Immunity and Symbiosis in plant-microbiome interactions

Nov 9Ashley Lantigua and Charlotte Uden, UVM Plant Biology graduate students

Dissecting the growth and resilience relationship in the wild grass crop relative, Brachypodium distachyon

Building a lighting model to improve predictions of wildfire ignition 

Nov 16Dr. David Des Marais, MITThe genetic control of growth rate and the evolution of life history strategies
Nov 23No Marvin SeminarThanksgiving
Nov 30Hannah Shafer and Sandra Nnadi, UVM Plant Biology graduate students

The Evolution of Flowering Pathways in Temperate Pooideae Grasses

Understanding the Fungal Microbiome of Northern Highbush Blueberry

Dec 7Mark Mullinger and Greta Savitsky, UVM Plant Biology graduate students

Phylogenetics of Melica: Digging into the Evolution of Bulbous and Cormous Grasses

Simulating Global Change and Fire Dynamics in Boreal Forests


Spring 2023 Marvin Seminar Schedule

DateSpeakerSeminar Title
Feb 23No Marvin SeminarAttend the CALS Vogelmann Award Seminar by Eric Bishop von Wettberg
Mar 2Dr. Jill Preston, UVM Plant BiologyEvolution of temperate grasses in response to global cooling, drying and warming
Mar 9Masoumeh Khodaverdi, UVM Plant Biology graduate studentShaping Vernalization Sensitivity In Melica and the Role of Climate Change
Mar 16No Marvin SeminarSpring Break
Mar 23Dr. Phil Lintilhac, UVM Plant Biology

Title TBA

Mar 30Regina Visconti & Anoob Prakash, UVM Plant Biology graduate students

VTI13 required for Root and Root Hair Growth

Detecting signals of polygenic adaptation in the face of demographic history and population structure in red spruce (Picea rubens SARG)

Apr 6Julie Raiguel & Charlotte Cadow, UVM Plant Biology graduate students

Title TBA

Black Ash: Managing a Culturally and Ecologically Significant Tree in the Time of EAB

Apr 13Erica Hample & Morgan Southgate, UVM Plant Biology graduate students

Montpelier PLACE: Ecological assessment, management, and connection in Vermont's capital city

Eco-evolutionary mechanisms of diversification in the Adiantum pedatum complex (Pteridaceae)

Apr 20Hayley Kolding & Sonya Kaufman, UVM Plant Biology graduate students

Conserving Springs and Streams in Oregon's High Desert

Forest Health in the Ossipee and Waterboro Pine Barrens: Preparing for the Arrival of the Southern Pine Beetle

Apr 27Dr. Thierry Ghislain, University of Sherbrook

Title TBA

May 4Sarah Morris, UVM Plant Biology graduate student & Art Gilman, Pringle Herbarium StaffDisentangling the systematics of Colombian Pleopeltis (Polypodiaceae)

New Perspectives on Diversity of Vascular Plants in Vermont
May 11 4:30 startDylan O'Leary, UVM Plant Biology graduate studentRestoration prioritization in the sagebrush sea: Geospatial techniques and ground truthing


Fall 2022 Marvin Seminar Schedule

DateSpeakerSeminar Title
Sep 22Dr. Sonali Roy, Tennessee State UniversityPeptides in Nodulation and Nitrogen Acquisition
Sep 29openopen
Oct 6Dr. Li Li, Cornell University (ARS)Uncovering the regulatory mechanisms underlying pigment accumulation in plants
Oct 13Dr. Aman Husbands, University of PennsylvaniaThe complex and reproducible nature of development
Oct 20Charlotte Uden, UVM Plant Biology graduate student

Modeling Fire Resilience of Oak Species in Northeastern Forests

Oct 27Dr. Tessa Burch-Smith, Danforth Plant Science CenterBeyond defense and nutrition: glucosinolates as signals for regulating intercellular communication in plants
Nov 3Dr. Rachael Floreani, UVM Engineered Biomaterials Laboratory

Plant Biopolymers: Medicine to Meat

Nov 10Hannah Shafer & Sandra Nnadi, UVM Plant Biology graduate studentsEvolution of the (de)vernalization flowering response in temperate Pooideae grasses
Examining the link between the root fungal microbiome and floral traits in Northern Highbush Blueberry
Nov 17Bertrand Black & Rachel Wilson, UVM Plant Biology graduate students

Research Update: A phylogenetic revision of Athyrium Sect. Athyrium in the Americas

VTR-13 and cargo proteins

Nov 24Thanksgiving

No Seminar

Dec 1Greta Savisky & Connor Lewis, UVM Plant Biology graduate studentsTitle TBA

CCDC22 and CCDC93 Contribute to Root and Root Hair Growth in Arabidopsis
Dec 8Jessica Rubin, UVM Plant & Soil Science graduate student

Myco-Phytoremediation Research for Phosphorus Mitigation & Pollinator Habitat on Unceded Abenaki Territory at Shelburne Farms


Spring 2022 Marvin Seminar Schedule

DateSpeakerSeminar Title
Feb 3Dr. Matt Kling, Postdoc in UVM BiologyWhither, whence, and whether: modeling the ability of plant biodiversity to track climate change
Feb 10Dr. Jennifer Mandel, University of MemphisPhylogeny and evolution of the worlds largest group of flowering plants
Feb 17Tenaya Driller, PhD candidate at University of Canterbury, New ZealandThe mechanisms behind sap exudation in sugar maple (Acer saccharum)
Feb 24OpenOpen
Mar 3Berke Tinaz and Baxter Worthing, UVM Plant Biology graduate students

Abscisic Acid (ABA) Localization in Mediago truncatula

A New Age for Poplar Genomics

Mar 10Spring BreakNo Seminar
Mar 17Julie Raiguel and Laura Hatmaker, UVM Plant Biology and Field Naturalist graduate students

The Functional Evolution of Transporters involved in the Legume-Rhizobum Symbiosis

Balch Head Heath: A Coastal Raised Bog in Maine

Mar 24Dr. Dan Park, Purdue UniversityThe ecological implications of intra- and inter-specific variation in phenological responses
Mar 31Sarah Morris and Zoe Portlas, UVM Plant Biology graduate students

Historical Biogeography of the Chocó Biogeographic Region

Drought tolerance in invasive and native Centuarea populations

Apr 7Masoumeh Khodaverde and Morgan Southgate, UVM Plant Biology graduate students

Role of climate variation in shaping sensitivity to vernalization

The hidden aspect of reticulate evolution in ferns; a study of allopolyploid gametophyte ecology

Apr 14Dr. Li-Jun Ma, University of Massachusetts, Amherst

Accessory chromosomes and Fusarium pathogenomics

Apr 21Dr. Chandra Jack, Clark UniversitySelection on microbially-mediated traits in natural and agricultural systems
Apr 28Sarah Lindsay and Jaime Van Leuven, UVM Field Naturalist graduate students

Lepidopteran diversity and abundance in the Ossipee Pine Barrens ecosystem

American Chestnut Restoration with the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians

May 5Rachael Monosson, UVM Field Naturalist graduate student

Inspiring Environmental Leadership in Teens


Fall 2021 Marvin Seminar Schedule

DateSpeakerSeminar Title
Sep 2Department WelcomeEvent to welcome new students
Sep 9Dr. Thibaut Capblancq, UVM Plant Biology (Postdoc in the Keller lab)Two and a half years studying red spruce genomics: what have we learned?
Sep 16Dr. Phil Lintilhac, UVM Plant BiologyWhat’s sex got to do with it?  Untangling the constraints on reproductive differentiation in plants
Sep 23Dr. Noah Whiteman, UC Berkeley, visiting the Preston lab in UVM Plant BiologyMy model organism eats your model organism: Evolution of a Drosophila that attacks Arabidopsis
Sep 30Dr. Sebastien Lavergne, CNRS, France, visiting the Keller lab in UVM Plant BiologyThe evolutionary and ecological assembly of the high alpine flora
Oct 7 Dr. Hailing Jin, UC RiversideCross-kingdom RNA trafficking between plants and fungal pathogens
Oct 14Dr. Andrew Nelson, Cornell UniversityUsing large-scale transcriptomics, comparative genomics, and low-cost phenomics to identify functional long non-coding RNAs in plants
Oct 21Dr. Walter Poleman, UVM Plant Biology and RSENRFrom Local to Global: UVM’s Role in the United Nations’ Sustainability Networks
Oct 28Dr. Christian Peters, USDA ARSAgricultural Carrying Capacity: Estimating the Potential of Land to Feed People
Nov 4Rachel Wilson, UVM Plant Biology Graduate StudentVTI13: A SNARE Story
Nov 11Connor Lewis and Sandra Nnadi, UVM Plant Biology Gradute Students

Explorations of Endosomal Trafficking Pathways in Arabidopsis thaliana

The fungal microbiome: Understanding seasonal and inoculation effects of highbush blueberry

Nov 18Bertrand Black, UVM Plant Biology Graduate StudentPhylogenetic relationships of the Athyrium filix-femina complex in the Americas
Nov 25Thanksgiving

No Seminar


Spring 2021 Marvin Seminar Schedule

DateSpeakerSeminar Title
Feb 4Dr. Tanisha Williams, Bucknell UniversityConserving Biodiversity from South Africa to Australia
Feb 11OpenOpen
Feb 18Dr. Allyson MacLean, University of OttawaPlant-based vaccines: how bacteria, lettuce, and a relative of tobacco help combat COVID-19
Feb 25Julie Raiguel, UVM Plant Biology Graduate StudentThe Mystery of NPF1B: Does this LATD cousin also play a role in the legume-rhizobium symbiosis?
Mar 4Dr. Alejandra Vasco, Botanical Research Institute of TexasSimple and divided leaves in ferns: Exploring the evolution and genetic basis for leaf morphology differences in the genus Elaphoglossum
Mar 11Dr. Robbin Moran, New York Botanical GardenDarwin’s Passion for Plants
Mar 18Dr. Laura Hill, UVM Plant BiologyContemplative Teaching and Learning in Higher Education: Theory and Practice
Mar 25No SeminarUVM Blackboard Jungle Symposium
Apr 1Matt Grasso, UVM Plant Biology Graduate StudentDeveloping a protocol for the encapsulation of living plant protoplasts in hydrogel microspheres: motivations and methods
Apr 8Morgan Southgate, UVM Plant Biology Graduate StudentEcological dynamics of allopolyploidy in the Adiantum pedatum complex across micro- and macro- habitat scales
Apr 15Dr. Catalina Pislariu, Texas Women's UniversityBelowground peace talks: Decoding symbiotic nitrogen fixation in the model legume Medicago truncatula
Apr 22Berke Tinaz, UVM Plant Biology Graduate StudentFunctional evolution of LATD/NIP prior to symbiotic nitrogen fixation evolution
Apr 29Baxter Worthing and Brittany Verrico, UVM Plant Biology Graduate Students

Genomics and Ecology Guide Predictions of Poplar Phenology

How local is local? Investigating the spatial scale of climate adaptation in red spruce (Picea rubens Sarg.)

May 6Aayudh Das and Charlotte Uden, UVM Plant Biology Graduate Students

Stress adaptation in Pooideae grasses: the relative roles of historical and local climatic factors in shaping cold and drought resistance

Modeling Historic Frequency of Fire Ignition by Indigenous People of Northeastern United States

May 13Zoe Portlas and Meredith Naughton (Field Naturalist), UVM Plant Biology Graduate Students

Exploring the genomics and ecology of an invasive, polyploid hybrid complex.

How does trail recreation impact wildlife? Examining the literature to inform management in Vermont.


Fall 2020 Marvin Seminar Schedule

DateSpeakerSeminar Title
Sep 17Dr. Jane Molofsky, UVM Plant BiologyCANCELED (Taming the Black Swan: An ecological approach to controlling  SARS-Cov-2)
Sep 24Dr. Hosna Jabbari, University of Victoria, BCCOVID-19: past, present, future
Oct 1OpenOpen
Oct 8


Dr. Jeanne Harris, UVM Plant BiologyThe quest for the top 10 unanswered questions in molecular plant-microbe interactions
Oct 15OpenOpen
Oct 22Dr. Iván Jiménez, Missouri Botanical GardenThe Nature of Espeletia Species
Oct 29Dr. Michael Sundue, UVM Plant BiologyUsing Large-Scale Integrative Analyses to Understand Global Patterns of Fern Diversity
Nov 5Bertrand Black, UVM Plant Biology Graduate StudentHistorical biogeography of the Lastreopsid ferns (Dryopteridaceae): what is the role of Antarctica?
Nov 12Rachel Wilson, UVM Plant Biology Graduate StudentIs VTI13 involved in turnover of plasma membrane proteins needed for growth?
Nov 19Anoob Prakash, UVM Plant Biology Graduate StudentClimate Adaptation in Red Spruce: determinate growth in an increasingly indeterminate world
Nov 26No SeminarThanksgiving
Dec 3Dr. Sally Aitken, University of British ColumbiaLong, slow lives facing rapid change: Climate adaptation in conifers
Dec 10Sandra Nnadi, UVM Plant Biology Graduate StudentExamining effects of the fungal microbiome on interactions with pollinators in highbush blueberry


Spring 2020 Marvin Seminar Schedule

DateSpeakerSeminar Title
Jan 16OpenNo Seminar
Jan 23OpenNo Seminar
Jan 30Dr. Josef Gorres, UVM Plant & Soil ScienceAlterations of Habitable Pore Space By Earthworms and Subsequent Effects on Soil Biogeochemistry
Feb 6Morgan Southgate & Baxter Worthing, PBIO Graduate StudentsMicro- and macro- habitat differences among the members of the Adiantum pedatum complex at local and regional scales

Predictability, Plasticity and Poplar Populations
Feb 13Dr. Michelle Facette, U Mass AmherstForm and function of grass stomata
Feb 20OpenOpen
Feb 27Dr. Emily Sessa, University of FloridaFern tales at two scales: Using phylogenetics to study historical biogeography in Africa and community assembly in Florida
Mar 5Matt Grasso, PBIO Graduate StudentUsing droplet-microfluidics to fabricate tunable hydrogel microenvironments for regenerating plant protoplasts
Mar 12Spring BreakNo Seminar
Mar 19Eric Hagen & Grace Glynn, PBIO Field Naturalist Graduate StudentsPostponed because of Covid-19 social distancing
Mar 26Blackboard Jungle SymposiumNo Seminar (Blackboard Jungle has been canceled, and we still won't have seminar)
Apr 2CanceledCanceled
Apr 9Charlotte Uden, PBIO Graduate Student (remotely via MS Teams; email plantbio@uvm.edu to request a link to the seminar meeting)Using forest composition predicted by LPJGUESS to understand the role of fire on the pre European landscape of the Northeastern United States
Apr 16Connor Lewis, PBIO Graduate Student (remotely via MS Teams; email plantbio@uvm.edu to request a link to the seminar meeting)The Retriever Complex and Endosomal Trafficking in Plants
Apr 23Morgan Southgate and Grace Glynn (joint talk), PBIO Graduate Students

Herbaceous species composition and edaphic variation in a post-agricultural floodplain forest

Apr 30Aayudh Das & Berke Tinaz, PBIO Graduate StudentsUnderstanding how Pooideae stress adaptations explain climatic distributions
Medicago truncatula LATD/NIP expression and evolution of function
May 7Eric Hagen & Grace Glynn, PBIO Field Naturalist Graduate StudentsUsing relational values to guide biodiversity conservation in Vermont
Assessing the ecological integrity of Maine's salt marshes


Fall 2019 Marvin Seminar Schedule

DateSpeakerSeminar Title
Aug 29Dr. Cang Hui, Stellenbosch UniversityZeta Diversity as a common currency for partitioning biodiversity and species turnover
Sep 5New Student Welcome EventNo Seminar
Sep 12OpenOpen
Sep 19Dr. Tobias Baskin, U Mass AmherstOut of many, one: On the emergence of stable growth dynamics in the plant root
Sep 26OpenOpen
Oct 3Dr. Thomas Juenger, UT AustinGenetic and genomic studies of ecotype divergence and local adaptation in switchgrass (Panicum virgatum)
Oct 10OpenOpen
Oct 17Dr. Kirsten Coe, Middlebury CollegeThe secret life of moss: how tiny plants can give big insights into ecosystem ecology and global change
Oct 24Susan Fawcett, PBIO Graduate StudentSystematics and Biogeography of the Thelypteridaceae
Oct 31Zoe Portlas, PBIO Graduate StudentUnraveling the demographic history of an invasive hybrid complex
Nov 7 *at 4:30*Brittany Verrico, PBIO Graduate Student

Searching for resistance to Phytophthora cinnamomi in American Chestnut (Castanea dentata)

Nov 14Sandra Nnadi & Anoob Prakash, PBIO Graduate StudentsCharacterizing the fungal microbiome in roots of Vaccinium corymbosum (blueberry)
Modeling functional traits to unravel the effect of climate change on range wide variation in Red spruce
Nov 21Dr. Ali Kosiba, UVM Rubenstein School

Have red spruce trees "recovered" from decades of acid rain?

Nov 28Thanksgiving

No Seminar

Dec 5Dr. Will Freyman, 23 and Me

Methods to infer the genetic ancestry of millions of people


Spring 2019 Marvin Seminar Schedule

DateSpeakerSeminar Title
Jan 17OpenOpen
Jan 24Dr. Charles Cogbill, Harvard ForestThe original forests of Vermont and beyond
Jan 31Morgan Southgate, UVM Plant Biology graduate studentsEcological Outcome of Allopolyploidy in Adiantum (Pteridaceae): Niche Intermediacy and Expansion into Novel Habitats
Feb 7Dr. Brent Lockwood, UVM BiologyIntegrating genetics and physiology to gain insights into species responses to environmental change
NOTE: This week's seminar will be held in the Davis Center: 3:45 social in the Livak Ballroom and 4:15 seminar in the Jost Foundation Room.
Feb 14Dr. Petr Smykal, Palacky University in Olomouc, Czech RepublicLegume seed dormancy from adaptive and domestication perspectives
Feb 21Dr. Jason Stumpff, UVM Molecular Physiology and BiophysicsCentering the genome: How and why do chromosomes align during mitosis 
Feb 28Dr. Brian Beckage, UVM Plant BiologyThe Earth has humans, so why don't our climate models?
Mar 7Berke Tinaz and Connor Lewis, UVM Plant Biology graduate students

Testing the ability of the Populus balsamifera LATD/NIP ortholog to rescue the Medicago truncatula latd mutant

Using CRISPR Induced Mutations to Investigate Proteins Contributing to Polarized Growth in Plants

Mar 14No SeminarSpring Break
Mar 21No SeminarBlackboard Jungle Keynote is at this time.
Mar 28Dr. Jane Molofsky, UVM Plant Biology

Plant Traits and Ecosystem Transitions

Apr 4Dr. Thibaut Capblancq, UVM Plant Biology postdocUsing genomic data to study species evolutionary history, from hybrid speciation in butterflies to local adaptation in trees
Apr 11Dr. Jeffrey Ross-Ibarra, University of California - Davis

Maize population genomics are cool

Apr 18Dr. Rick Lindroth, University of Wisconsin - Madison

Chemical and evolutionary ecology of herbivore defense in an iconic forest tree species

Apr 25Dr. Madelaine Bartlett, University of Massachusetts - Amherst

Complex families, complex histories: developmental genetics and the evolution of developmental genes in the grasses

May 2Aayudh Das and Matt Grasso, UVM Plant Biology graduate students

The role of stomatal trait evolution in Pooideae (Poaceae) stress tolerance

Encapsulation of plant protoplasts in agarose microspheres: a developing platform for single cell studies in plant systems


Fall 2018 Marvin Seminar Schedule

DateSpeakerSeminar Title
Sep 6Dr. Scott Merrill, UVM Plant & Soil ScienceClimate change will affect insect metabolism, population growth rates and spatial distributions with direct consequences for plant hosts
Sep 13OpenOpen
Sep 20Susan Fawcett, UVM Plant Biology graduate studentsFine-scale distribution and survival of two rare rock ferns shaped by biotic and abiotic factors
Sep 27Dr. Michael Hood, Amherst College
Host: Dr. Stephen Keller
Disease at the edge of species distributions: anther-smut fungi of wild carnations
Oct 4Dr. Stephen Keller, UVM Plant BiologyEvolutionary responses to global change -- linking ecology and genomics to understand the past and predict the future
Oct 11Dr. Shawn Mansfield, University of British Columbia
Hosts: Dr. Mary Tierney and Dr. Stephen Keller
Cellulose Synthesis - Simple Polymer, Complicated Biosynthesis.
Oct 18Dr. Seema Sheth, North Carolina State University
Host: Dr. Jill Preston
Adaptation in plant populations, species, and clades
Oct 25Dr. Jeanne Harris, UVM Plant BiologyDevelopment of Symbiotic Root Nodules: Environment and Evolution
Nov 1Dr. Stephen Guerin, CEO, Simtable
Host: Dr. Brian Beckage
Realtime.Earth - coordinating mobile camera feeds and agent-based models for a shared realtime understanding of the world
Nov 8Dr. Pedro Bond Schwartzburd, Universidade Federal de Viçosa, Brazil
Hosts: Dr. Michael Sundue and Dr. David Barrington
Phylogeny, character evolution, and biogeography of the fern genus Hypolepis
Nov 15Brittany Verrico and Karl Fetter, UVM Plant Biology graduate students

Long-term monitoring reveals forest community change driven by atmospheric deposition and contemporary climate change

Quantitative analysis and admixture mapping of rust disease severity in hybrid poplars

Nov 22ThanksgivingNo Seminar
Nov 29Chris Schorn and Lauren Sopher, Field Naturalist Graduate Students

Growing ‘Plains: Factors limiting valley clayplain forest regeneration and restoration success on post-agricultural land

The Greensboro Bend, Vermont PLACE Project: Place-based Landscape Analysis & Community Engagement

Dec 6Carolyn Loeb and Jason Mazurowski, Field Naturalist Graduate Students

Seeing the Forest and the Trees: Can We Provide Tools that Help Conservation-Minded Landowners Work Towards an Ecologically Functional Future for Vermont?

Examining Fire's Role in the Conservation of Endangered and Threatened Birds in New Hampshire's Ossipee Pine Barrens


Spring 2018 Marvin Seminar Schedule

DateSpeakerSeminar Title
Jan 18Dr. Eric Bishop von Wettberg, UVM Plant & Soil ScienceFeeding new friends: using an understanding of how domestication altered symbioses and plant architecture to create crops with increase climatic resilience
Jan 25Dr. Jean-Michel Ané, University of Wisconsin
Host: Dr. Jeanne Harris
Origin and evolution of symbioses between plants and microbes
Feb 8Dr. Tommy Stoughton, Plymouth State University
Host: Dr. Michael Sundue
Next Generation Lineage Discovery: a Case Study of Tuberous Claytonia L. (Montiaceae)
Feb 15Dr. Sabrina Greenwood, UVM Animal ScienceDairy cattle nutrition and its impact on the bovine milk proteome
Feb 22Berke Tinaz and Matt Grasso, UVM Plant Biology graduate studentsEvolution of the LATD/NIP gene root and nodule meristem function
Plant Reproductive Biology: an Interesting Problem
Mar 1Dr. Meredith Niles, UVM Nutrition & Food SciencesSmallholder farmer food security in a changing climate
Mar 8CANCELED: Dr. Luis Vidali, Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Host: Dr. Jeanne Harris
CANCELED because of weather, to be rescheduled.
Mar 15No Marvin SeminarSpring Break
Mar 22Dr. Andrew Groover, USDA Forest Service
Host: Dr. Stephen Keller
Molecular and Genomic Insights into the Evolution and Development of Wood in Forest Trees
Mar 29Aayudh Das, UVM Plant Biology graduate studentDrivers of Pooideae grass adaptation in response to drought and cold stress
Apr 5Dr. Philip Lintilhac, UVM Plant BiologyConcepts of the cell in plant development - Who's in charge here?
Apr 12Dr. Mary Tierney, UVM Plant BiologyFrom mutants to proteomics: genetic and genomic approaches to understanding polarized growth in plants
Apr 19Maria Dunlavey, Field Naturalist Graduate StudentGinseng Poaching in Shenandoah National Park
Apr 26Andy Wood and Chelsea Clarke, Field Naturalist Graduate StudentsWildlife and Road Ecology in Western Massachusetts
Phenology Monitoring at Shelburne Farms
May 3Dr. Luis Vidali, Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Host: Dr. Jeanne Harris
Studying polarized cell growth in plants by quantitative live cell imaging and conditional genetics

Fall 2017 Marvin Seminar Schedule

DateSpeakerSeminar Title
Sep 7Katherine Hale, UVM Field Naturalist graduate studentBest Practices for a Florida Torreya (Torreya taxifolia) Conservation Seed Orchard: Or, What's an Endangered Conifer Doing So Far North?
Sep 14Dr. Dianna Jolles, Plymouth State University
Host: Dr. David Barrington
Reproductive isolation and diversification in the buzz-pollinated Pyrola picta (plant) species complex of western North America
Sep 21Dr. Abby van den Berg, UVM Plant Biology, Proctor Maple Research CenterSustainable tapping guidelines for modern maple sap collection practices
Sep 28Dr. Susanne Lachmuth, UVM Plant Biology visiting scholar in the Keller LabEco-evolutionary processes and their effects on the demographic dynamics of invasive plant populations
Oct 12CANCELLED Dr. Carolyn Rasmussen, University of California, Riverside
Host: Dr. Phil Lintilhac
Predicting plant cell division from cell shapes
Oct 19Dr. Thomas Mitchell-Olds, Duke University
Host: Karl Fetter and Dr. Stephen Keller
Biotic and abiotic influences on balancing selection in nature
Oct 26Dr. Jill Preston, UVM Plant BiologyEvolutionary Genetics of Plant Reproductive Development
Nov 2Susan Fawcett (Barrington Lab), UVM Plant Biology graduate studentBiogeography, Taxonomy and Evolutionary Affinities of Northeastern Thelypteridaceae
Nov 9Brittany Verrico and Karl Fetter (Keller Lab), UVM Plant Biology graduate studentsIs gene flow extensive and inhibiting adaptation of red spruce along an elevational gradient?

The cost of hybridization: modeling disease, genotype, and phenotype in naturally formed Poplar hybrid
Nov 16Dr. Jamie Kostyun, UVM Plant Biology postdoc in Preston Lab
Host: Dr. Jeanne Harris
The developmental genetic basis and evolutionary consequences of floral diversity in Jaltomata (Solanaceae).
Nov 23No SeminarThanksgiving
Nov 30Dr. Sara Helms Cahan, UVM Biology
Host: Dr. Jeanne Harris
Misery Loves Company: Exploring Variation in Social Structure in a Desert Ant
Dec 7Dr. Christine Ondzighi-Assoume, Tennessee State University
Host: Dr. Jeanne Harris
Elucidation of Switchgrass Biomass Recalcitrance for Biofuels Through Biotechnology

Spring 2017 Marvin Seminar Schedule

DateSpeakerSeminar Title
Jan 26Dr. Dawei Li, UVM Microbiology and Molecular Genetics
Host: Dr. Jeanne Harris
Identifying novel viral integrations using whole-genome sequencing
Feb 2Dr. Jinshun Zhong, UVM Plant Biology Preston LabEvolution of Cold Adaptations in Temperate Grasses (Pooideae, Poaceae)
Feb 9Dr. Mel Tyree, University of AlbertaExperimental and theoretical evidence for negative turgor pressure in leaf cells: Is there a functional significance?
Feb 16Dr. Aimee Classen, UVM Rubenstein SchoolEcosystem function in a changing world
Feb 23Dr. Sen Subramanian, South Dakota State University
Host: Dr. Jeanne Harris
Spatio-temporal auxin-cytokinin balance during nodule development in soybean
Mar 2Dr. John Stinchecombe, University of Toronto
Host: Dr. Stephen Keller
Ecological genomics of plant adaptation
Mar 9Dr. Matt Wargo, UVM Microbiology & Molecular Genetics
Host: Dr. Jeanne Harris
Dissecting robustness and resilience in a model bacterial community from the International Space Station
Mar 16No Marvin SeminarSpring Break
Mar 23Nikisha Patel, UVM Plant Biology graduate student, Barrington LabPolyploid evolution among apomictic ferns of the Dryopteridaceae in East Asia
Mar 30Dr. Brandon Ogbunu, UVM Biology
Host: Dr. Jeanne Harris
Coffee and Epistasis
Apr 6Dr. Anna Jacobsen, California State University Bakersfield
Host: Dr. Phil Lintilhac
Woody plant xylem vessels: Development, hydraulic function, and hydraulic failure
Apr 13Kattia Palacio Lopez (Molofsky Lab) and Gianna Sassi (Harris Lab), UVM Plant Biology graduate studentsGenomic admixture between locally adapted populations of Arabidopsis thaliana: Evidence of optimal genetic outcrossing distance
Evolutionary History of the plant NTR1/PTR Family (NPF1)
Apr 20Suryatapa Jha (Tierney Lab) and Sanhita Chakraborty (Harris Lab), UVM Plant Biology graduate studentsA Novel Retromer Subunit VPS26C, and its Human Ortholog, Regulate Polarized Growth in Arabidopsis thaliana
Interplay between salt signaling and the early stages of nodulation
Apr 27Gabe Andrews and Ellen Gawarkiewicz, UVM Field Naturalist graduate studentsRivers Stories Along the New Haven: Resilience and a Sense of Place in a Vermont Watershed
Cultivating Modern Naturalists: Proposal for an Undergraduate Field Naturalist Concentration
May 4Sonya DeYoung and Anya Tyson, UVM Field Naturalist graduate studentsWild Surprises on Ordinary Land: An Ecological Assessment of a Soon-to-Be Small Farm
NOLS and Nutcrackers: citizen science at high elevations

Fall 2016 Marvin Seminar Schedule

DateSpeakerSeminar Title
Sep 8Dr. Nick Gotelli, UVM Biology
Host: Dr. Cathy Paris
Holocene shifts in the assembly of plant and animal communities
Sep 15Dr. Bruce Baldwin, University of California, Berkeley
Host: Susand Fawcett and Dr. David Barrington
Evolutionary and biogeographic perspectives from studies of oceanic island floras
Sep 29Dr. David Barrington, UVM Plant BiologyOf ferns, giant parasites, climate change, and herbaria: Barrington on sabbatical 2016
Oct 6Susan Fawcett, Grad Student, Barrington Lab
Wes Testo, Grad Student, Barrington Lab
The Flora and Ecology of a Neotropical Savanna, Utila, Bay Islands, Honduras
Polyploidy does not influence rates of diversification across the fern phylogeny
Oct 13Dr. Lydia Bright, SUNY New Paltz
Host: Dr. Jeanne Harris
Functional diversification of Rab GTPase gene family members in Paramecium
Oct 20Dr. Pamela Diggle, University of Connecticut
Host: Dr. Phil Lintilhac
A great and curious blunder in dame nature: Evo-devo and Darwin's exclamation
Oct 27Suryatapa Jha, Grad Student, Tierney Lab
Matt Grasso, Grad Student, Lintilhac Lab
VPS26C is a Conserved Retromer Complex Subunit in Eukaryotes Essential for Cell Wall Organization in Arabidopsis
Microbead encapsulation of individual plant protoplasts: a method for controlling the physical environment of plant cells
Nov 3No Marvin SeminarAiken Lecture today
Nov 10Career Panel: Dr. Julie Dragon and Dr. Monique McHenryWhat to do with a PhD in Plant Biology: Thinking outside the box
Nov 17Dr. Bill Keeton, UVM Rubenstein School of Environment and Natural Resources
Host: Dr. Jane Molofsky
Forest-stream interactions in northern temperate forests: a cross-disciplinary approach
Nov 24No Marvin SeminarThanksgiving
Dec 1Karl Fetter, Grad Student, Keller Lab
Brittany Verrico, Grad Student, Keller Lab
Breaking the genomic piñata to find the good stuff: hybridization reveals pathogen associated genes in Populus
Microgeographic analysis of forest community change and gene flow across an elevation gradient in northeastern red spruce forests.

Spring 2016 Marvin Seminar Schedule

DateSpeakerSeminar Title
Jan 21Dr. Rachael Oldinski, UVM Engineering
Host: Dr. Phil Lintilhac
Smart Alginate-Based Hydrogels: Bio-Inspired Materials for Regenerative Medicine
Jan 28Dr. Terry Bradshaw, UVM Plant & Soil Science
Host: Dr. Laura Hill
Management of rusts and other diseases in organically-grown scab-resistant apple cultivars with biopesticides and copper
Feb 4Dr. Tom Kinraide, USDA
Host: Dr. Bud Etherton
Surface electrical potentials of plant plasma membranes: implications for ion interactions, phytotoxicity, and uptake
Feb 5
Dr. Tom Kinraide, USDA
Host: Dr. Bud Etherton
Electrophysiology Workshop in room Jeffords 326
Feb 11Dr. Melissa Pespeni, UVM BiologyEvolutionary genomics in a diverse and changing world: Studies in sea urchins and horned beetles
Feb 18Dr. Jinshun Zhong, Postdoc, Preston LabPlant adaptations to temperate climate - insights from temperate grasses
Mar 3Dr. Ed Weinberger, Clark University
Host: Dr. Brian Beckage
Pragmatic Information and its applications to evolutionary theory, economics, and finance
Mar 10Spring BreakNo Seminar
Mar 17Dr. Christine Palmer, Castleton State
Host: Dr. Jeanne Harris
The genetics of shade avoidance in plants
Mar 24Vikram Chhatre, Postdoc, Keller LabGenome-Wide Patterns of Local Adaptation and Introgressive Hybridization in Populus
Mar 31Beck Powers, Grad Student, Preston LabCandidate genes in the evolution of sympetaly
Apr 7Art Gilman, Author of New Flora of Vermont
Hosts: Dr. Cathy Paris and Susan Fawcett
Incidents in the Development of the New Flora of Vermont
Apr 14Sanhita Chakraborty, Grad Student, Harris Lab
Meghan McKeown, Grad Student, Preston Lab
Dissecting salt regulation of nodulation

Evolution of the miR5200-FLOWRING LOCUS T flowering time regulon in the temperate grass subfamily Pooideae
Apr 21Emma Stuhl, Field Naturalist Grad Student
Nikisha Patel, Grad Student, Barrington Lab
Connecting People to Place: The New Haven, Vermont, PLACE Program

The evolution of apomixis in Polystichum section Xiphopolystichum: A systematics approach to understanding speciation in asexual ferns
Apr 28Ben Lemmond, Field Naturalist Grad Student
Shelby Perry, Field Naturalist Grad Student
Hurricane Island, Maine: A Field Naturalist's Account

Big Woods: A Coarse Filter Approach to Conserving Vermont Landscapes
May 5Kattia Palacio Lopez, Grad Student, Molofsky Lab
Gianna Sassi, Grad Student, Harris Lab
Genomic admixture between locally adapted populations of Arabidopsis thaliana: Evidence of transgressive segregation and phenotypic novelty

Evolutionary history of the plant LATD/NIP gene family: losses, duplications, implications for root development and symbioses.

Fall 2015 Marvin Seminar Schedule

DateSpeakerSeminar Title
Sep 3Dr. Dana Royer, Wesleyan University
Host: Dr. Stephen Keller
Fossil plants as recorders of ancient climate
Sep 10Dr. Siri Fjellheim, Norwegian University of Life Sciences
Host: Dr. Jill Preston
Battle of the brooms: introduced Scotch broom (Cytisus scoparius) invades the genome of native Scotch broom in vulnerable heathland habitats. Can the locals strike back?
Sep 17
Livak Ballroom,
Davis Center,
Dr. David M. Richardson, UVM Marsh Professor-At-Large
Host: Dr. Jane Molofsky
Developments and Challenges in Invasion Science - Insights form South Africa (panel discussion and reception to follow)
Sep 24Dr. Sydne Record, Bryn Mawr College
Host: Dr. Stephen Keller
Moving beyond correlative species distribution models
Oct 1Dr. Jeff Blanchard, University of Massachusetts at Amherst
Host: Dr. Mary Tierney
A common gap in biofuel and climate change research: Understanding mechanisms controlling rates of plant decomposition
Oct 8Dr. Nathalie Isabel, Laval University, Quebec
Host: Dr. Stephen Keller
What is going on 200 miles away from the University of Vermont? Forest tree Genomics!
Oct 15Dr. Lena Struwe, Rutgers University
Host: Dr. David Barrington
The new extreme plants - urbanized biodiversity in a changing world
Oct 22Dr. Dan Chitwood, Danfort Plant Science Center
Host: Dr. Jill Preston and Dr. Jinshun Zhong
Reconceptualizing morphology: the architecture of a giant single-celled alga and the latent shapes of grapevine leaves
Oct 29Dr. Gloria Muday, Wake Forest
Host: Dr. Jeanne Harris
Flavonoids act as modulators of plant development and environmental response
Nov 5Dr. Rob McClung, Dartmouth
Host: Dr. Terry Delaney
As easy as ABC: Arabidopsis and Brassica clocks
Nov 12Suryatapa Jha, Grad Student, Tierney Lab
Matt Grasso, Grad Student, Lintilhac Lab
Characterization of an Endosomal Trafficking Pathway Required for Cell Wall Organization and Polarized Growth in Arabidopsis thaliana
Microbead encapsulation of living plant protoplasts: A new method for handling single plant cells
Nov 19Dr. Madelaine Bartlett, University of Massachusetts at Amherst
Host: Dr. Jill Preston
The evolution of transcription factor protein-protein interactions: tying historical patterns to functional change in the grasses
Nov 26ThanksgivingNo Seminar
Dec 3Karl Fetter, Grad Student, Keller Lab
Wes Testo, Grad Student, Barrington Lab
A dissertation idea: What is the fate of pathogen resistance genes when genetic incompatibilities maintain a Populus balsamifera - P. deltoides hybrid zone?

A new look at diversification in the ferns