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What to Expect with Academic Advising

It is our goal to provide each and every student with high quality academic advising.  An advisor is available to provide you with course selection information, advice about majors, advice about career opportunities, internships and mentoring. The relationship between you and your faculty advisor is of central importance to the supportive atmosphere of the department.

This relationship can establish a strong connection for future professional references and links to potential job opportunities.  We strongly encourage you to utilize your advisors.  It is your responsibility to communicate regularly with your advisor to obtain assistance in clarifying and meeting educational and professional goals.

The best way to contact your advisor is by e-mail or phone. View the list of all Animal Science advisors, with telephone numbers, office locations and e-mail addresses. All correspondence with any UVM Faculty or Staff must be done through your e-mail.

How to Find Your Advisor:

The advisor that meets with a student during New Student Orientation is not necessarily that student's permanently assigned advisor. Your permanent advisor will be assiged over the summer and will be accessible to you once classes start. You can find this information in your MyUVM portal. 

If you need assistance or have questions before classes start please send questions to:

How do I prepare to meet with my advisor?

The main purpose of academic advising is to help you meet your educational requirements and career goals. Academic advising requires that both you and your advisor work together as a team; for every meeting, the you should come prepared with specific questions and ideas. It also doesn't hurt to submit a Degree Audit Report before your meeting.

Changing Advisors:

Work together with your advisor to establish a mutually agreeable relationship. Sometimes a particular student and faculty member are not compatible, or circumstances indicate that your situation needs a change. If this is the case, please contact the ASCI Administrative Coordinator in 102 Terrill Building and we will work with you to make another advisor assignment.