Miller Farm June 2019

Miller Research Complex

In addition to the offices, laboratories, and classrooms in Terrill Hall and Jeffords Building, the Department maintains teaching/research units at the UVM Paul R. Miller Research and Educational Center (MERC), and the UVM Morgan Horse Farm in Middlebury.  The Miller Research Center, one mile from campus accommodates major livestock activities including equestrian events, class, and student activities utilizing various livestock.  The facility has one wing that is dedicated CREAM program and the Ellen A. Hardacre Center is a large horse barn with 22 stalls, and an indoor riding arena.

UVM Paul R. Miller Research and Educational Center (MREC)

Miller Farm June 2019

Want to visit the farm?

We have a self-guided tour and info for you! (see links below)

Please be sure to follow all signage and use caution around farm equipment.

Miller Farm - self guided tour packet (PDF)

ASCI Major - program overview sheet (PDF)

CREAM - program brochure (PDF)

*See link to Horse barn page and info below


500 Spear Street South Burlington VT 05403

Please start at our visitor kiosk and follow the directions in our farm tour packet PDF (link above)

Hours: 10AM - 4PM 7 days a week

How to schedule a tour:

For a guided farm tour by a current CREAMer, please schedule a visit by emailing a current creamer.


Mission Statement:

The mission of the UVM Paul R. Miller Research and Educational Center is to provide excellence and cost effective facilities for agricultural research, education, and to play a key role in the development and promotion of agriculture in Vermont and New England. The MREC activities emphasize dairy research, equine sciences, mammary biology, milk quality, biosecurity and safety.

The ELLEN A. HARDACRE Equine Center is located on the northern edge of the complex. This is a student cooperative barn which contains 22 stalls, a tack room, horse shower and an inside riding arena. There is a state of the art 220 x 110 foot outside area, as well as a riding trail accessible from the complex, which compliment the facility. The facility is run as a student cooperative -- students are able to bring their horses to UVM while the are enrolled and enjoy the pursuit of their equine interests with their own animals.

The CREAM Program (Cooperative for Real Education in Agriculture Management) is a two semester hands-on experience for students learning to manage an actual dairy herd. It's a chance for pre-vet and other students with dairy interests to learn all aspects of bovine care, milking, care for young calves as well as business decisions associated with a real farm operation. All chores are performed by students seven days a week.

Miller Farm Classroom

Miller Farm Classroom 2019  (Click image to enlarge) 

UVM Coop Horse Barn

Coop Horse Barn 2019

Ellen A. Hardacre Equine Center and In-door Arena

The ELLEN A. HARDACRE Equine Center is a student cooperative barn which contains 22 stalls, a tack room, horse shower and an inside riding arena.  This facility is located on the northern edge of the Paul Miller Research Complex on Spear Street in South Burlington, just a mile from the University of Vermont's main campus.  The Horse Barn Co-op, housed at the Ellen A. Hardacre Equine Center, allows students to bring their horses to UVM while they are enrolled at the university.  Complimenting the facility is a state of the art 220 X 110 foot outside area, as well as a riding trail which is accessible from the complex.

This wonderful facility was made possible by the generous donation of Amy Tarrant.

10:00am-4:00pm open 7 days a week, tours on weekdays preferred

For more information contact:

Coop Horse Barn 2019 (Click image to enlarge)


UVM Horse Barn Co-op


CREAM Barn 2019

CREAM, Cooperative for Real Education in Agricultural Management, is a student-run dairy herd. UVM students manage farm operation and perform all of the barn chores. There are currently 56 lactating Holstein cows with additional replacement animals (just under 100 cows total) in the herd. It is the 3rd highest genetically superior herd out of all universities and is one of the highest producing herds in the state of Vermont. This program is offered as a year long program beginning in the spring and continuing in the fall semester, and alternatively is also available during the summer semester. The year long session offers 8 credits (4 per semester) to roughly 20 students each year, and the summer session offers 4 credits. Successful applicants are selected from all majors across the University and are not required to have a dairy or livestock background. The key requirements are a commitment to working hard and the thirst for knowledge. A CREAM student will leave this program with the skills necessary to excel in his/her chosen field whether that be business management, community development and applied economics, animal science, or biology.

2016_CREAM_milking_parlor 2016_CREAM_milking_parlor_3 (Click image to enlarge)




Terrill Building

Terrill Building Front Terrill Building Back (Click image to enlarge)

Jeffords Building

Jeffords Room 120 houses our teaching lab

Jeffords Building  Jeffords Teaching Lab (Click image to enlarge)

UVM Morgan Horse Farm

Student riding her horse

The UVM Morgan Horse Farm is dedicated to the preservation and improvement of the Morgan Horse through breeding and selection. Designated as a site on the National Register of Historic Places, the farm is also home to significant Morgan history and a variety of educational programs. For over 60 years, the farm has provided educational experiences and training for students and visitors while perpetuating the Battell, Government, and UVM bloodlines. UVM Morgans are prized as superb pleasure horses for recreational use and as foundation broodstock.

UVM Morgan Horse Farm
74 Battell Drive
Weybridge, VT 05753
Phone: 802-388-2011
Fax: 802-388-0844

UVM Morgan Horse Farm