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Learn about the many clubs and programs that will enrich your Animal Science experience at UVM.



Cooperative for Real Education in Agricultural Management (CREAM), is a student-run dairy herd. UVM students manage farm operations and perform all of the barn chores. A CREAM student will leave this program with the skills necessary to excel in his/her chosen field whether that be business management, community development and applied economics, animal science, or biology.

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EQUUS is a hands-on horse management course modeled after the very successful student dairy management program, CREAM (Cooperative for Real Education in Management). EQUUS students are assigned Equine Science program horses to manage and exercise, in addition to daily horse chores and helping with weekend horse watch and chores.

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UVM Pre-Vet Club

The Pre-Vet Club provides the forum for an exchange of ideas and concerns centered on the student’s needs.  It is a very active club on campus and in the community, getting local veterinarians involved with the students.

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UVM Dairy Club

The club promotes dairy farming and dairy products on campus and in the community through both club sponsored events and other volunteer opportunities. Dairy Club also works very closely with the CREAM program, and is a great way to make connections for students interested in being part of the program.

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UVM Dairy Challenge Club

The UVM Dairy Challenge Team is dedicated to furthering student knowledge in the dairy industry through farm operation assessment and taking part in Dairy Challenge competitions held in the northeast and at the academy national level. Participating in Dairy Challenge provides networking, teamwork, and learning opportunities oriented around the dairy industry.

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UVM Horse Barn Co-op

The UVM Cooperative Horse Barn is an educational facility in which students have the opportunity to learn skills such as equine management, teamwork and leadership while bringing their horse with them to college.

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UVM Dressage Team

The University of Vermont Dressage Team has a lot to offer to riders of all disciplines and experience levels. Our team consists of individuals from a range of different backgrounds, but the study of classical dressage provides the perfect common ground.

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UVM Equestrian Team

The UVM Equestrian Team is one of the most successful in the country. Whatever your level of expertise, you will find that riding on the team will give you access to an unparalleled riding education. Intercollegiate competition offers exciting challenges to accomplished riders, and expert instruction is offered from beginner through advanced levels.

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UVM/VTC FARMS 2 + 2 Program

The student base for this program is primarily students coming from family-owned farms or agricultural enterprises from within Vermont. The mission is to prepare the next generation of Vermont farm managers, utilizing the collective resources of Vermont Technical College, Miner Institute and the University of Vermont, coupled with the agricultural industry in the Northeast and beyond.

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Other Ways to Get Involved

View more opportunties to get involved at UVM including agriculture fraternities and sororities, intramural sports and Student Senate.

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