Online Learning Resources

Remote instruction is a new way for many of us to experience UVM. We created this page to help support you in your transition as the university shifts to remote instruction on Wednesday, March 18th. As you scroll down you'll find links and other resources to help you acclimate to learning in an online environment. We encourage you to be kind to yourself, ask for help, and remember you are not alone. 


Academic support is here.

Whether or not you've utilized on campus services in the past, faculty and staff are available and eager to support you now. Some of the many academic services available for students are listed below. Academic support is only a click or call away!

College and School Student Services
Blackboard and Blackboard Tutorials
Navigate - check your holds, schedule advising appointments, and find study buddies.
Office of Community-Engaged Learning
Office of Fellowships, Opportunities, & Undergraduate Resources
Office of International Education
Student Accessibility Services
Student Athlete Academic Support 
TRiO/Student Support Services
Tutoring Center
UVM Howe Library
Writing Center

Tips for Success

Establishing academic support is only part of being a successful online learner. These tips will make your transition to an online learning environment easier: 

Reflect on how you work best.

Take some time to consider your needs as a learner. How might you set yourself up for success? How will you structure your day? How will you stay sustained? Taking time to assess your personal needs sets the foundation for how you will engage.

Identify your space and get your technology in order.

Do your best to find or create a workspace. An ideal space for many is quiet, organized, distraction-free, technologically ready, and available for use when you need it. Put your devices on "do not disturb" and unplug from social media while doing class work. While on breaks, try to do so in a different space in order to maintain a “work-only zone.”

Make a plan, and stick to a schedule.

Use a calendar or planner to map out time for participating in class remotely, and stick to your course schedule as much as possible. Schedule time each day for additional homework and readings, and keep track of all due dates and assignments. Creating to-do lists with your peers is a great way to establish accountability, and stay connected with classmates.This will help you manage your time and stay in touch with developments within each of your courses.

Access support.

UVM offices remain open and are here to support you. Your advisor and student support services staff are eager to assist in your transition to remote instruction. From academic advising or tutoring to accommodations and identity-based support, there are many resources available to you as we transition to remote learning.

Attend to your health.

Wash your hands regularly, and practice social distancing when possible. If you feel unwell, let your instructor know and contact your primary care provider. Establish wellness routines, and practice self-care.

Consider community.

Stay motivated and engaged in your online learning experience by reaching out to your classmates. Try to connect with others who share similar interests, and establish a group study routine. Remember that you are not alone.

Login and Tech Support:

  • You will use your UVM NetID and password to log into some resources.
  • If you need to change or reset your UVM NetID password, please visit
  • If you do not know your UVM NetID, or need any additional tech support, contact the UVM Help Line

Looking for more advice? Watch UVM Continuing and Distance Education's Webinar: How to be a Successful Online Student