Our Commitment to Quality Advising

Our relationships with students begin with admitted student visit days and orientation, and continue to develop after students' arrival on campus as they participate in our first-year course and engage in group and individual advising meetings, during which a comprehensive four-year career plan is introduced. Targeted communications outreach ensures students have access to the information they need, when they need it.

Our Program

The College of Nursing and Health Sciences' advising program is based on current best practices and our services are deliberately constructed to ensure developmentally responsive advisement. Students who choose not to respond to personal invitations to connect with our advising team may prefer to be involved in our peer mentorship program.

Best Practices

Near the end of the first year, students are paired with faculty advisors in their respective majors, allowing for the development of a true mentorship between faculty and students that can foster academic and career success.

To meet our advising responsibilities, we have:

  • prepared four-year curriculum plans for each of our programs;
  • developed a targeted first-year advising program delivered via a one-credit course and a team of master's-prepared professional advisors;
  • created a peer mentor program, which 93% of students choose to join;
  • implemented a communications plan to ensure the information students need is delivered in a timely and accessible manner.

Advising Responsibility Guidelines

The College of Nursing and Health Sciences Annual Review Guidelines call for faculty to be available to students; to provide information on professional careers; and to provide information to students on policies, processes, and procedures.

Recognition of Advising Excellence

Excellence in advising is an expectation in the College of Nursing and Health Sciences. Among the many who excel in this area are program directors and professional advisors, who lead the implementation of best practices. The outreach, guidance, and mentorship our advisors offer meaningfully impacts student engagement, success, and retention.