University of Vermont

School of Business Administration

Business School Student Honored as UVM's Student Employee of the Year

Prof E. Lauck Parke, Yuqi Zhou, Dann Van Der Vliet

We are very proud to announce that due to her outstanding work here at the School of Business, Ms. Yuqi Zhou has been awarded UVM Student Employee of the Year.

Yuqi was nominated for her tremendous work ethic, attitude, and resourcefulness while performing a myriad of duties supporting faculty and business school events.

"I was really surprised that I won this award, in fact I didn't even know it existed" said Yuqi. She continued, "The award means so much to me because when I do my job, I just try to do it as well as I can."

One of her roles has been an assistant to the Family Business Initiative. Dann Van Der Vliet, Director of the Family Business Initiative, nominated her and said "Yuqi, an international student, always arrives with a will to learn and is constantly seeking out new opportunities to get involved. I can think of no finer student employee on the UVM campus right now."

His sentiments were echoed by Professor E. Lauck Parke who also nominated Ms. Zhou, he said "I met Yuqi during her very first semester on campus, and she turned out to be such an exceptional student during that semester, I immediately hired her to serve as a teaching assistant for the following fall offering of the course." He continued "she discharged all of her assigned responsibilities with both energy and excellence, always going above and beyond my expectations. In addition to her incredible drive, persistence, determination, and ability to regularly meet tight deadlines and manage complex projects, she is a joy to work with."

Congratulations again Yuqi Zhou, the 2014 UVM Student Employee of the Year!