The Grossman School of Business is a forerunner in family business research and education. Family Business Initiatives at the University of Vermont started in 1998 with generous funding support from Ned Grace, Robin Tauck, Chuck Tauck, and Gallagher, Flynn & Company. In its earlier years, FBI was a membership organization offering Forums and hosting Affinity Groups. Since 2012, our expanded programs aim to serve the educational and learning needs of our students, faculty, and community.


Our undergraduate and graduate students benefit from courses built on leading edge knowledge in the field and provide opportunities to interact with family business leaders and advisors. Unique and global experiences are an integral part of our students’ learning and education. Over fifty of our students are involved in each year in organizing and competing in the only Global Family Enterprise Case Competition in the world considered by many as the World Cup of Family Business Education.


Several faculty members are engaged in family business research and serve on editorial boards of leading journals in the field. We are proud that a member of our faculty serves as the Editor-in-Chief of the top ranked Family Business Review. We are proud to serve as the anchor for the global Family Enterprise Research Conference established in 2005.


Since 2012, we have honored the most progressive enterprising families with the prestigious UVM Family Business Awards. This annual event has become a must-attend for many UVM alums from near and far, and the local community, as we celebrate the best of the best every October during UVMs Homecoming week. In addition, special programs are offered for family business leaders and advisors. A NEW one week summer program – ENTREPRENEURS IN EVERY GENERATION is being offered in 2017!

The longevity and success of enterprising families of our students, alumni, and community, is our ultimate objective in ALL our programs!


For questions or for more information please contact Dita Sharma