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Meet Nikki McFarland - America East Soccer Rookie of the Year

Nikki McFarland

The best soccer players across the planet are gearing up for the impending World Cup Finals in Brazil next year, however one University of Vermont (UVM) School of Business freshman has already made her mark on the soccer world.

Meet Nikki McFarland, the 2013 America East Soccer Rookie of the Year. She becomes just the second Catamount to be named the conference’s top rookie and the first in 17 years.

Originally from Deer Park NY, McFarland played on her local club team and after being scouted, quickly found her way quickly to the UVM campus where her soccer talent blossomed. She led the team in scoring and helped the team post the most wins since 2005 while advancing to the America East Playoffs for the third consecutive year, a first in program history. Nikki sat down with us recently to share her reaction to winning this accolade and life at UVM.

How are you enjoying life at UVM and on the team?

I LOVE UVM and I love the team and it has a major impact on my life here. Everyone is extremely friendly and in my class everyone is very close. I think that helps so much, they showed me so much since I’ve been here.

How did you feel when you heard you won rookie of the year?

As soon as I got the call that I won I immediately cried, it means so much to me. The women’s soccer program is growing and me winning the award means I’m growing with it and helping the soccer program and the school develop. I want us to win and become America East champions especially when I’m here. And I want other schools to think, Vermont is coming, I want them to be scared. So my winning shows people that UVM are winning big awards and you should be afraid of us!

Any lessons learned in soccer that you can apply to your studies and career?

Soccer will have a huge impact on my work environment. Being on the soccer team and having to deal with different personalities, knowing their strengths and weaknesses, will help me in the long run.  Everyone can learn a lot from being on a team. 

What do you enjoy most at the business school?

I like to be challenged and the business school does that.  I like how versatile it is and all the different career paths you can take.  My number one goal is to see all the different things I can do with the business school and connecting it back to me and what I can do with it.