University of Vermont

School of Business Administration

MBA Association is now GBSA

The MBA Association has formally changed its name to the Graduate Business Student Association (GBSA).  The GBSA is a non-profit organization dedicated to representing the needs and interests of the MBA and the MAcc students on campus. 

“When we arrived at UVM, we did not understand why there was a division between MBA and MAcc students, especially when both classes are rather small,” said Roman Fricker, president of the GBSA, of the change.  “We as the new MBA Association board immediately wanted to rectify the situation by including MAcc students into the Association.  Of course, we could not keep that name without alienating our MAcc students, so we opted for a more inclusive title.”

The mission of the GBSA is to promote fellowship within the graduate business student body, to foster communication between graduate business students and faculty, and to recommend improvements in current policies, processes and programs that will encourage academic excellence for the students participating in UVM’s graduate business school program.

“More than simply joining, we want our students to become actively involved in the Association,” said Erin Creley, of the GBSA.  “When we achieve greater numbers and involvement, we show outside businesses our enthusiasm and capability for outstanding work.”

“We aim to be much more than just a social club,” said Allison Fode, of the GBSA.  “We are planning many events this year with the hope that future boards will turn these into annual events.”

One of those events is a two-day workshop featuring speakers from several Vermont businesses planned for this spring.  The topics will be on sustainability and entrepreneurship.  Another one-day seminar on business communications and etiquette is also being planned.

Every month the GBSA continues the tradition of “First Thursday.” It’s a social held at the Church Street Tavern.  All students, professors, alumni, and those interested in either the MBA or MAcc programs are encouraged to attend.

“Students have a chance to get to know their professors outside the classroom, and professors gain better insight into the personalities and passions of their students,” said Elena Varavka, of the GBSA.  “We have our own private room with little outside noise to impede conversations.”

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