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One of the distinctive characteristics of the Sustainable Entrepreneurship MBA experience at UVM is the access that you will have to a large number of individuals and corporations that have been pioneers in the sustainable business world. These individuals, corporations, and organizations make up the SEMBA Network. The SEMBA Network is made of individuals that understand: 1) that businesses cannot be run "as usual", 2) that a new class of managers is needed, and, therefore 3) that a new type of MBA program is required. The SEMBA Network is made of two entities: The Board of Advisors and et Council of Mentors. The SEMBA Board of Advisors is made of the leading thinkers and brands in the sustainability space in Vermont. Vermont is at the forefront of several issues of interest to individuals commitment to sustainable business practices. For example, Vermont is at the forefront of social activism in corporations, employee-owned corporations, B-corp designation and legislation, and Genuine Progress Indicators (GPI). On this last point, Vermont is the only State in the USA that has legislated the requirement of providing both traditional economic metrics of growth (GNP, GDP, etc.) and measures of societal well- being. Many of the individuals working on these issue and running business in a new, creative, committed, and profitable way are members our Board of Advisors and you will have easy access to them. This terrific group of individuals will play an important role in SEMBA by being in the classroom, developing cases, judging "pitch" competitions, arranging and hosting practicums, and mentoring students.

SEMBA students will be able to do their practicum with two of the premier business incubators and accelerators in Latin America. We have established a partnership with both Connect Bogota ( ) and New Ventures Colombia ( to have our students help accelerate sustainable entrepreneurial ventures in early stages of development.

Our Board of Advisors is made of individuals that work in corporations that have a long history of commitment to sustainability and of individuals that have a long and successful career as entrepreneurs. The members of our Board represent many of the iconic Vermont Brands (e.g., Ben and Jerry's, Burton, Cabot, Green Mountain Coffee Rosters, King Arthur Flour, Seventh Generation); others represent new and exciting firms (AllEarth Renewables, Cassella Waste Management,, Heliae, Renewable NRG, Terry Bicycles, Tetra Tech); others come from government agencies (the Vermont Department of Creative Economy) and non-profits (VBSR, VEIC); and others lead firms in the venture capital and private equity worlds (FreshTracks, Clean Yield Asset Management). All the members of the Board are committed to sustainability and to the entrepreneurial spirit that permeates SEMBA's curriculum.

The other entity making up the SEMBA Network is our Council of Mentors. The Council of Mentors is made of well-known, very experienced individuals that work in a wide range of non-profit and profit organizations that have something in common: A long history of commitment to sustainability and international development (for example, National Peace Corps Association; Good 360; United States Business Council for Sustainable Development; Water for People). The members of the Council will play an important role in arranging and hosting practicums, and in advising the Director on curricular issues particularly on the international front.

We are grateful to the individuals that serve on both entities for their leadership, support, energy, and commitment to make SEMBA one of the best programs in the world.

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