Otter/Lewis Basin

Highest Elevation in Basin: 
4,235 ft (1263 m)
Length of Main Stems: 
Lewis Creek: 29 mi (46 km)
Otter Creek: 102 mi (163 km)
Area Drained: 
702,870 acres (284,447 hectares)

The Otter/Lewis Basin includes Otter Creek and its headwaters and tributaries, and Lewis Creek.

Watershed and river groups in this Basin include the Lewis Creek Association and the Middlebury River Watershed Partnership, and the Upper Otter Creek Watershed Council.

Want to learn more about the Otter/Lewis Creek Watershed?

Our Fall 2013 Watershed Educators have researched each sub-basin in the Lake Champlain Watershed to create a power point presentations as a resource for you. We've made each presentation available here, on our watershed pages, so that you can present it to classroom, show it at an informal talk, or use it to learn more yourself! Click here to view the Otter/Lewis Creek Watershed presentation. 

Banner photo source from The Lewis Creek Association

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