Stream Monitoring & Stewardship

Each spring and fall, UVM Watershed Alliance runs the Stream Monitoring and Stewardship Program (our most popular!). Our trained interns (also called Watershed Educators) from the University of Vermont visit schools across the state and lead classroom watershed lessons and stream monitoring field trips, and help develop community outreach project. Typical programs consist of one 2-hour classroom session followed by one or two 4-hour field trips where students get to participate in local stream monitoring. After monitoring, students prepare and implement a community outreach project (time commitment varies depending on scope of project).

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Student Testimonials

“Actually going outside and doing the research ourselves really helped to show the way we can inadvertently impact an ecosystem.” -High School Student

“I think the biggest thing that caught my eyes today was during the BMI station. I think the reason this had such as huge impact on me because using the kick nets we caught organisms that live in the river that I might have never know even lived there” - Middle School Student

“I loved going to the stream and looking for bugs. Who knew there were so many in one stream?!” - Elementary Student