Programs & Activities

Are you interested in learning more about your local watershed/stream/river/lake?

Do your students respond well to hands-on, student-directed learning?

Do you lack the equipment, knowledge and/or human resources to lead scientific investigations of your local stream(s)?

Are you interested in collecting useful stream data?

Is your school and or your community interested in watershed protection or restoration?

If you anwsered yes to any of the questions above, the Watershed Alliance may be able to assist you. See the links below for more information on our program offerings.

Program Offerings

Each spring and fall, UVM WA sponsors the Keeping the Balance Program. Schools and student groups from throughout the state visit the Rubenstein Ecosystem Science Laboratory to explore...
Good news! Now you can take your students out on Lake Champlain! Aboard UVM’s Research Vessel, the Melosira, students will learn about current research and then apply scientific tools and...
Each spring and fall, UVM Watershed Alliance runs the Stream Monitoring and Stewardship Program (our most popular!). Our trained interns (also called Watershed Educators) from the...