Data Entry


Why YOU should share your data

The Watershed Alliance wants to provide a platform for your student citizen scientists to share the data they collected in our Stream Monitoring and Stewardship Program with the general public. By uploading your data in a Data Monitoring Report, you and your students are informing the greater Lake Champlain Basin community about the health of their watershed! Below you will find video tutorials that we created to help guide you in how to access your account, create a monitoring report, and upload your data.

When you are ready to enter your data

1. Go to
2. In the quick links section on the right hand side of the main page click login
3. Use your information above to login
4. Once logged in - in the upper right hand corner there is a button that says add content
5. On this page select either Tier 1, Tier 2 or Tier 3 report
6. Then you will be prompted to enter your data.
7. On the bottom of the form it asks you the status to make your data live click the complete button.
8. Click submit

Video Tutorials for Data Entry

Video 1 Tutorial for Data Reporting: General Info

Video 2 Tutorial for Data Reporting: Physical Assessment

Video 3 Tutorial for Data Reporting: Biotic Assessment