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Teacher Handbook

We have created a Teacher Handbook that provides detailed descriptions of each program, teaching guides and additional resources/background information of watershed science.  The Watershed Alliance wants to make this document available to all teachers, regardless of their enrollment in our program, in order to encourage and support the spread of watershed science and environmental stewardship. 

Teacher Checklist

Before the program

During the program

  • Have fun!

After the program

Watershed Wise Teacher Training

Offered each Fall and Spring Watershed Alliance holds teacher trainings for teachers participating in the Stream Monitoring and Stewardship program. Participation in the training ensures that you will be eligible for future programs as well as getting seniority for borrowing Watershed Alliance equipment and materials.

The training covers the hands-on activities of the Stream Monitoring and Stewardship program which was developed over fifteen years ago for middle and high school students and their teachers. Additionally, we will discuss helpful pre-teaching resources as well as examples of stewardship and outreach projects.


If you have any questions about the program, please contact:

Ashley Eaton
802-859-3086 ext. 340
Rubenstein Ecosystem Science Laboratory
Watershed Alliance Office, Room #114
3 College St.
Burlington, VT