Alhassan Susso '11

Alhassan Susso working with kids in high school classroom.

In Alhassan Susso, the new American students at International Community High School in the South Bronx have an empathetic and inspiring role model, a history teacher with a personal history that mirrors their own.

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Sara Kinnamon Fritsch  and Oliver Fritsch in running gear

Sara Kinnamon Fritsch ’00 & Oliver Fritsch '00

Though neither has the word “engineer” in his or her job title, Oliver and Sara Kinnamon Fritsch say their bachelor’s degrees in mechanical engineering are fundamental to the skills and mindset upon which they’ve built their careers.

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Shawna Wells in an elementary school library

Shawna Wells ’04

Leveling the playing field for students in educationally underserved communities has been the driving force behind Shawna Wells’s fifteen-year career in education—from teaching middle school students how to read to her current job advising educational leaders across the country how to transform underperforming schools.

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