University of Vermont

Board of Trustees

Educational Policy and Institutional Resources Committee

Educational Policy and
Institutional Resources Committee

The Committee shall have responsibility for overseeing the development and status of strategic, long-range University programmatic and resource use plans and related plan objectives.

The Committee shall oversee matters relating to educational policies and programs, including student enrollment; the quality of student and campus life; accreditation, academic programs; research and scholarship, instructional, and service activities; faculty affairs.

The Committee shall further monitor the alignment of University Foundation fundraising goals and objectives to institutional strategic priorities. 

The Committee shall oversee strategic planning relating to diversity and promote the achievement of diversity goals across a broad spectrum of University programs and activities.

The Committee shall oversee matters relating to the procurement, use, quality, condition, and disposition of the University’s buildings and other facilities, and its assets, infrastructure, technologies, and other institutional resources.

The Committee will exercise its charge in a manner consistent with University governance, including the Board’s reserved rights and delegations of authority.


Carolyn Dwyer (chair)
Cynthia Barnhart (vice chair)
Suresh Garimella (ex-officio)
John Bartholomew
Otto Berkes
Frank Cioffi
Johannah Donovan
Jodi Goldstein
David Gringeri
Curt McCormack
Carol Ode
Shap Smith
Samuel Young

Chris Burns (faculty)
Laura Almstead (faculty)
Mary Cushman (faculty)
Wolfgang Mieder (foundation)
Susan Wertheimer (alumni)
Amanda McIntire (staff)
Sarah Heath (staff)
Jamie Benson (student)
Ethan Foley (student)
Kenna Rewcastle (graduate student)
Berke Tinaz (graduate student)

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Agendas & Approved Minutes

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February 3*
* Joint Meeting with the Budget, Finance & Investment Committee

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