In October 2023, the Board of Trustees approved appointments to an ad hoc Presidential Comprehensive Review Committee to coordinate the review of the first five-year period of President Suresh Garimella’s presidency. The committee was assisted by Dr. Carol Cartwright, an experienced consultant affiliated with the Association of Governing Boards. As outlined in the Presidential Performance Review Policy, the objectives of this process include examining the progress of goals mutually set by the Board of Trustees and President Garimella. The process concluded in May 2024. Trent Klingerman, Vice President for Legal Affairs & General Counsel and Assistant Board Secretary, served as administrative liaison to the committee.


Ron Lumbra (Chair)
Cynthia Barnhart
Katelynn Giroux
Jodi Goldstein
Kristina Pisanelli
Catherine Toll

Agendas and Approved Minutes


November 29, 2023Materials (PDF)Minutes (PDF)



April 26, 2024Agenda (PDF)