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UVM and the City of Burlington offer many alternative modes of transportation. Many students who bring cars to campus discover that it is easier to get around without their car, which ends up spending most of the time parked. Below are some of the many resources available to UVM Students:

These resources are provided for informational purposes only. Please read all disclosures as you use these services at your own risk.

uvm campus bikes parked on a bike rack

Get around by bike

University of Vermont is recognized as a Bicycle Friendly University, by the League of American Bicyclists. We support cycling as an efficient, healthy, and environmentally responsible transportation option on campus. . . And it's fun!  

View Google Map for more biking routes.

uvm co-op bike tent set up outside for students

Regional bike share

Our campus is served by Greenride Bikeshare with 6 hubs across campus and 11 hubs at key destinations.  Our UVM community has access to 50 % off annual member passes by selecting the "Campus Plan".

uvm campus bikes parked on a bike rack

Campus bike rentals

Need a bike? Don't have one? Our students maintain a fleet of used bicycles available for semester rentals. They are affordable and reliable for commuting across campus. Contact:

Rental costs:

  • Year: $50
a green mountain bus stop

On and off campus buses

When going shopping, or to destinations that are too far to bike or walk, many students ride UVM CATS Shuttles and/or Green Mountain Transit's (GMT) Unlimited Access which offers extensive service coverage throughout the UVM campus and within/around the City of Burlington and State of Vermont. GMT is free for UVM students with their CAT Card. There is also a convenient online bus tracker (CATS Shuttle Tracker) to help your student plan their rides.

an in-service uvm campus bus

Getting you to and from home

To aid in getting to and from Burlington International Airport, Amtrak (Essex Junction) and Burlington Transit Center during breaks we offer shuttles.  If traveling during non-break times, the Green Mountain Transit Bus #1 will take you to the airport, the Bus #2 will take you to Amtrak, and the Bus # 1, #2, & #11 will take you to the downtown transit center.  Students have many transportation options to get them to and from home.  See the Long Distance Travel page for more information.