The goal of the Vendor Occasional Use Parking Program is to provide a parking permit for vendors that park on campus on an occasional basis.  The permit is a card with six daily parking opportunities that may be use at any pace with the limits of the permit cycle.  Vendor Occasional Use Permits have the same cycle as regular permits (June 1st- May 31).  Previously issued permits expire on May 31st.

Eligible vendors (with completed vendor application, including departmental authorization located at the top of the form) VENDOR APPLICATION FORM may purchase these permits in lieu of full-time parking permit.  They may be obtained by stopping by our office during business hours.  Permits may be purchased with any number of days desired; for example, if a permit is purchased with only four days, the other two days on the permit will be marked "VOID".  Anyone opting to continue with this program must reapply each time they wish to purchase a new permit.  

The fees for the permits are as follows:

• Green Zone - $4.00 per day
• White Zone - $3.00 per day
• Brown Zone - $2.00 per day


Proper use of Vendor Occasional Use Permits

The customer is responsible for filling in the "date of use" area with an indelible marker provided by Transportation and Parking Services.  It is CRITICAL that this be done precisely and accurately.

If a mistake is made during the process of filling out the permit, the permit holder MUST not correct that area on the permit; they must forfeit that day on the permit and move to another day to fill it out accuratley.  See below for an example of the following scenario:  a permit holder arrives on campus the day after a Monday holiday (for the purpose of this example, they arrive on the day after Labor Day, 2017).  They mistakenly circle Monday on their first attempt to fill out their permit for the day; note that they moved to the next available day to fill out the permit properly.  

Critical tips for successful use of vendor occasional use permits:

  • Always use an indelible marker.
  • Write the permit carefully and according to the following format:  month (can abbreviate), number of the day (always use TWO digits; for a single digit day, used a zero before the single digit), and year (four digits).  


• For January 1st, 2017, write Jan 01 2017
• For February 16th, write Feb 16 2017

  • Always circle the current day name.  It is critical that the date you provide and the day name that you circle correspond; if they do not, the permit is not valid and you will be subject to a "No Valid Permit" citation with a $50 fee.
  • Always display face up on the dashboard, drivers side.  If you fail to display a properly filled out permit you will be subject to a "No Valid Permit" citation with a $50 fee.
  • Never attempt to re-use a day; once you have used the purchased days on the permit, the permit becomes invalid.  The maximum number of days per permit is six.
  • When one of the days on the permit is filled out properly and displayed, it is your permit for the entire day.  You may move around on campus and re-park with your permit in areas that are allowable for the zone the permit indicates.
  • Note the enforced hours in the lots you park in (on signs at entrances).  It is not necessary to use your permit during times the lot is not enforced.  Don't waste a day!