Ph.D. Student

Materials Science
University of Vermont

Discovery Hall W315
82 University Place
Burlington, Vermont 05405

Phone: +1 (802) 656-0276


B.Sc. Physics, University of Ibadan, Ibadan, Nigeria

Research Interests

Before moving to Vermont to earn a Ph.D. in Materials Science at UVM, Saheed obtained an undergraduate degree in Physics at the University of Ibadan in southwest Nigeria. Saheed’s research focuses on developing methodologies that integrate the frameworks of solid-state theory and the latest high-performance computational techniques to investigate the forces that govern low-frequency dynamics in crystalline materials. Currently, Saheed is using this approach to better understand the electronic and thermodynamic behaviors of organic semiconductors. In addition to his interest in computational materials science, Saheed joined the Ruggiero group because of the opportunities to engage in interdisciplinary research, the group’s available resources, and the collaborative atmosphere of the lab.

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